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  1. Inverter

    Keyboard layout \"gone mad\" - can\'t log in after sleep

    Hi, this time I'm stumped myself: I just woke up my Mac mini (by pressing a key on the keyboard), then connected to it via VNC from my other Mac and, since I enabled the "Require Keyboard to wake up etc." option, the first thing that I saw was the login window (as usual). However I can't...
  2. Inverter

    PB 17" or 15" - Which Did You Choose?

    Well, I chose a 15" because the 12" of the iBook I had before just didn't seem enough (for me) to get any work done ... on the other hand I carry it around _a lot_, so the 17" seemed a little large. There are many factors to take into consideration, including what you are used to. After...
  3. Inverter

    Symbolic Link Problem.

    On all Unix-like systems, this means that the symbolic link named 'std' points to the current directory, i.e. accessing ./foo is the same as accessing ./std/foo, or even ./std/std/std/foo, for all filenames foo. While not knowing enough about your concrete situation, working with C++ this...
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    Quicktime comes with many codecs, for all the rest I use VLC which comes with _really_ many codecs; that way you also don't have to pay for full-screen playback. (I hope this helps, apart from DivX from their site I don't know many other individual codecs; I tried Ogg Vorbis for iTunes, but the...
  5. Inverter

    Dividing a large file on two CDs

    If you are willing to use the Unix shell there is the "split" command which does just that - it splits a file into arbitrary sized segments that can then be put together with "cat". Cf. the man pages via "man split" and "man cat", in the shell.
  6. Inverter

    OpenGL vs. Quartz

    To quote from chapter 1 of the 1.1 RedBook ( "The OpenGL Programming Guide Auxiliary Library was written specifically for this book to make programming examples simpler and yet more complete. It's the subject of the next section, and it's...
  7. Inverter

    OpenGL vs. Quartz

    You should be careful with such very general statements, the exact performance often depends on the exact operations you are using... That said, I would expect the OpenGL version to be _significantly_ faster if you render the image as texture onto two triangles (or a quad). You load the image...