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    Viewing Windows

    Is there a way to force a window to stay in front while you type in information from that window in back. I know you can just make both windows small so they can both be on the screen at the same time, but I seem to remember reading somewhere that this could be done with some-sort of key...
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    Backup 2.0.2 and cd-rw

    Does Backup have a problem with cd-rw? I can do a backup to a cd-rw the first time I use a disk but then it refuses to backup to a previous cd-rw disk even after I have erased it. It seems to be hit and miss sometimes it will backup to previously used cd-rw but most of the time it won't.
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    iPod ear-buds don't work on my ears.

    Does anyone else have this problem? I guess I'm a genetic freak of some sort since ear-buds just fall out of my ears. Most people have a slight protruding ridge at the base of their ears that allows ear-buds to be secure, mine don't. I would be interested in knowing how anyone else with this...
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    Transfer songs iPod to iMac?

    My girlfriends daughter just got a new iMac and can't figure out how to transfer her iPod songs to iTunes on her new Mac. She previously used her dads Mac to access songs for her iPod and it apparently died with no back up of iTunes songs so copying them to her new iMac is not an option. Is...
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    Epson Print Utility not working

    I have a Stylus Photo 780 but I can't access the print utility except in OS9. The utility is grayed out in my print status dialog box and the application print utility in the main Library folder shows no printers when I launch it.
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    Outlook Express Spell Check

    I have a friend that is still using OS9 and Outlook Express but didn't have the spell check function so I installed an old version of MSWord 5.1 thinking that would enable spell check. When I go to preferences in Outlook the spelling tab is dimmed. If anyone can tell me how to enable spell check...