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    i need to burn a .dmg file in os 9

    simple. get Roxio Toaster Titanium 5.01. go to the 'other' tab. select 'disc image', select your .dmg burn. it is that simple, and completely in 0S 9.
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    Cheers for the feedback / advice! I'll go with the majority and wait for the official release! mx :)
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    I've downloaded the 10.1.1 update, but have yet to install it for fear of killing my system, what with it being prerelease software and all!! Has anyone had any experience of installing it and if so what effect if any did it have? any info would be much appreciated! mx :)
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    10.1 Distribution, how?

    :mad: to reassure Schizophonic the uk upgrade will cost £15 (to cover costs of postage and packing!). But there is no reason why we should have to pay for a bug fix, you may say that that pc users have to pay for windows upgrades, but that to get extra and better features, we're having to...