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    XCode broke gcc

    Hello all - For the past week or so, I have been trying to get PHP-Gtk2 running on my 10.3 Server. In trying to install X11 (thinking it was part of XCode) I installed the XCode tools from the install CD. However, that seems to have broken my gcc installation. Now, when I try to run...
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    Name resolution without .local?

    Hi - I have a Mac server (10.4.6) set up at work to host an internal website I created. Its name is "Documentation". When working on a PC, all I have to do to find the website is to open Internet Exploder and type in "documentation" for the address. The site comes right up. On a Mac...
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    Safari rebelling against default behavior?

    Hello - I recently got a brand-spankin' new G5 for work. Very nice. I maintain an Intranet website which makes extensive use of PDF files. As near as I can tell from looking at Apple's website and the online help for Safari, the application (Safari) is supposed to open PDF files in the...
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    Problems with Kerberos/AD authentication

    Hello - I have a 10.4 Server that I wish to integrate into an existing Windows domain. The Active Directory server is Windows 2003. All clients are either Win2K or XP machines. I want the clients to be able to browse shared folders from the Mac server through Network Places. I have...
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    10.4.2 Server authentication woes

    Hello - I was recently put in charge of a Mac Server at work, in order to have my own machine to host the internal web site I created. I am by no means either a Mac or a networking expert, but with the help of some of our staff who sometimes wear IT hats, we have been able to get somewhere...