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  1. cbrooks3

    Blackberry and MACs

    if you have cingular, you can just go to and create an account. Then you just set up the accounts that you have. It even works for exchange accounts that have direct access and web access. No need for the Blackberry server. You only see the e-mails that are currently...
  2. cbrooks3

    Still waiting for my driver....

    I've got a Moto v557. I can connect via bluetooth and transfer pics, music, and movies. When I plug the data cable in to the phone, it makes a beeping sound and that's all. The computer doesnt recognize the phone in isync. Any help for this phone?
  3. cbrooks3

    Apple Store or

    I would say macmall unless you have an apple store in your city. I think you can return the product to the apple store only if you bought it from apple directly. If no apple store locally, then I would say macmall. I bought my ibook and a digital camera for my girlfriend there, and have never...
  4. cbrooks3

    Entourage won't receive messages

    I get the same problem. I use the local Cable internet provider, and when I go to school and use their T3 connection, I can recieve but not send. The IT folks said that they have that port blocked for security reasons.
  5. cbrooks3

    Does Apple do holiday deals?

    I don't know if all apple stores do this, but the one in memphis has a sale once a month. They take all the discontinued and demo products and put them on a rack in the back of the store and mark it all down. Sometimes they have a couple computers there. More laptops than desktops usually. I'm...
  6. cbrooks3

    PowerPoint:mac X

    There is a menu option under insert called Duplicate Slide. I hope this answers your question
  7. cbrooks3

    Mac Osx Webcam to Pc

    I've never used yahoo on a mac, but iChat works for me. Of course you have to have a compatible camera
  8. cbrooks3

    Windows Printing Problem

    I have the same printer at work and have the windoze computer running XP Pro. I print multiple page documents and it works just fine. I'm running OS X.4 and using the Gimp Print drivers. GOOD LUCK!
  9. cbrooks3

    ibook and Linksys WRT54G

    There is no utitlity for the mac. You access all the settings by opening your browser and typing in . It will ask you for user name and password, both are "admin", not case sensitive. You can monitor your signal from the icon in your menu bar.
  10. cbrooks3

    Apple Super Bowl Ad?

    At least you got them where you are. The local Pepsi distributor decided they weren't even going to participate in the program here in Memphis. I could use some free songs.
  11. cbrooks3

    Who's Getting The New PB?

    will my G4 iBook 933 be compatible with tiger?
  12. cbrooks3

    iPod Shuffle Take Apart (destroy)

    So, who's ordered a Mac mini just to tear it apart the day they get it. I'm very interested to see how similar the components in it are to the iBook/ Powerbook's. That's the only way I can see them fitting a fully functional computer in a package smaller than my iPod box.
  13. cbrooks3

    iTunes user to sue Apple

    Ummm, last I checked you can burn cd's with your purchased music from ITMS and take it with you. Not as cool as an iPod, but it gets the job done.
  14. cbrooks3

    $499 Mac on MWSF'05?

    How many times has someone got on here a couple weeks and started blabbing on about a "Media Center" Mac with confirmed sources, yet the only Apple on top of my TV is a piece of plastic fruit? I'm not saying it's not gonna happen eventually, but I think it's too close on the heels of the new...
  15. cbrooks3

    10.3.7 is here!

    anyone notice since the iChat update that there is a small right square next to the color status indicators in the buddy list?
  16. cbrooks3

    Express Answer

    there is a big difference between b and g, but for most people, b is enough. even with high speed cable or dsl internet, you can not max out a b connection with just internet data transfer. if you are using the router/access point to transfer files between 2 computer, thats where g is the...
  17. cbrooks3

    Saturday Night Live

    For those of you who watch SNL, did you see the bit with U2 talking about the U2 iPod? I just thought it was cool. I think there is a thread about this somewhere else, but couldnt find it.
  18. cbrooks3

    iPod flash?

    when i got my 3G ipod, it came with little plugs for the dock connector. I never really used them, but a nice thought. Also, I would definitely buy the flash iPod if it was similar to the keychain model in this thread. Wouldn't like the keychain idea, but a very similar design would be awesome...
  19. cbrooks3

    iPod socks

    This is amazing. Yesterday, FedEx showed up at my door with my iPod socks. I think this if the first time something has been shipped by apple before the anticipated release/ shipping date. I had to go to the Apple store yesterday to price some stuff and they had a decent amount of socks on the...
  20. cbrooks3

    3 iMovie projects into 1 iDVD project?

    youre gonna have to export each one as a movie file and import them into the layout. ive tried this at school before and thats the only way to do it. a program worth looking into is DVD studio pro if you want to have alot of fun with your projects and burn dvd's alot!