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  1. MosGuy

    Help me get details about a MAC computer.

    Hi Jenna, If you'll be working with very large photoshop files, or doing any heavy video editting with motion for example. The Macbook Pro would be the best since it has the best video card. I've been in the I.T field for 18 years now. Mostly building, fixing & maintaining computers and...
  2. MosGuy

    Parallels + XP = Virus?

    Running Windows through Parallels is the same as running it on a native PC. Yes it can get infected with viruses and spyware so you still need to run an anti-virus etc. The way parallels works is it creates a special file that contains the OS so it's fully self contained. While Windows itself...
  3. MosGuy

    Windows Address Book on my

    When I bought my first Mac back in 2003 and transfered the address book over I did the following: 1) Create an address book folder on the desktop, then any sub folders to match the Windows Address book 2) Select all the entries in WAB, drag and drop to the appropriate folder. This will create...
  4. MosGuy

    3 servers running under Rosetta

    Hmm interesting. Were you running apps requiring rosetta at the time tho ?; if so are they still there if you close the applications down ?. I'll check my Mini the next time I'm on it (on my Win XP box currently) and see if I have them listed.
  5. MosGuy

    Is Appleworks really that bad?

    I use NeoOffice which is a native port of OpenOffice. I dumped MS Office on all my OSes (Mac, Linux, Windows) as much as I can in favour of Oo. There are times when I need to use MS Office for 100% compatibility with clients. OpenOffice/NeoOffice is the main competitor for a full MS Office...
  6. MosGuy

    Is Appleworks really that bad?

    I bought AppleWorks 6 off E-bay, it ran fine on my 12" Powerbook with Panther. I'm not sure about Tiger because I included AW when I sold the PB on e-bay a few months back to get my Mini. If it ran fine under Panther I don't see any reason why it shouldn't run equally as well under Tiger. Apart...
  7. MosGuy

    Getting X11

    The poster stated the Mac they have is running 10.3. So the X11 link from the Apple site will run fine on Panther I downloaded it once myself when I still had my old PB running Panther before going Intel.
  8. MosGuy

    Parallels crashes my iMac

    Anyone who wants to try Parallels should get the update as well. It adds a few features as well as cures some bugs especially with the Mac Book Pro's. I bought a boxed copy Thursday from a local Apple dealer. I installed Windows Vista RC2 and a few Linux distros. It runs great with zero...
  9. MosGuy 2.0 Beta Testers Needed

    I'd be glad to beta test version 2, I never did get Help! to run successfully on my PB G4 & Panther. My new system: Intel Mini Duo running 10.4.7
  10. MosGuy

    Using Mac as Webserver

    I assume you already have the 'personal web sharing' aka apache turned on. To get your domain pointing to your static IP address, the easiest way it to use your domain registrar's DNS service. If you have full access over your domain you'd log in and under the DNS settings enter your static IP...
  11. MosGuy

    Mac Vs. PC

    Well I agree, I've shifted into the Linux and OS X fields as much as I can as the PC field is over crowded. I only use my PC for gaming these days. Your right the kid won't care and I've seen the debates get out of control. I wouldn't say it's only in the Windows world. I've seen Mac and Unix...
  12. MosGuy

    Mac Vs. PC

    As a PC tech for 17 years vs only 3 years with OS X. Personally I don't get wrapped up in the whole Mac vs PC debate. Both are good systems and in most areas are on par with each other such as Photoshop work etc. In some areas Macs excel in others Windows is better. If you each feel your OS is...
  13. MosGuy

    FS: 12" Powerbook G4 + extras..

    The laptop sold for $900 on e-bay. I'll be getting an Intel Mini Duo to replace it. Rick
  14. MosGuy

    FS: 12" Powerbook G4 + extras..

    Just an update: I'd be willing to sell the Powerbook for $800-$900 CDN. Since shipping would cost a fair amount I'd only throw in the items that really won't cost anything extra to ship i.e the iskin and Radtech Screensaver. As well as doing all the software updates, free firewall & tech...
  15. MosGuy

    FS: 12" Powerbook G4 + extras..

    Hi all, I'm looking to sell my Powerbook, mainly because I don't travel enough and I realised I'd be better with a desktop. The system itself is in mint shape, the keyboard itself has never been touched (put on the silicon keyboard cover right away), no dead pixels. I have all the original...
  16. MosGuy

    static IP via wireless

    Joe, If you want a static address WAN side then you'll need to contact your ISP to see if they offer it, some don't like my ISP due to IP pool they only allow dynamic IP's. For the LAN side it depends on the router, like my updated D-link, the router set up to assign my Mac's airport card &...
  17. MosGuy

    Free firewalls, or is it even needed?

    Granted the only real reason to currently run an anti-virus app is so that you don't spread things onto Windows users. But a software firewall is still recommended as most router firewalls only block incoming traffic & depending you might not be able to configure them much. With a software...
  18. MosGuy

    Free firewalls, or is it even needed?

    I recommend a software firewall on any OS. The built-in OSX one is decent though it lacks the ability to add custom rules etc. The firewall I ended up getting was Firewalk X 2 by Pliris. Although I heard it won't run on Tiger due to a change in the kernal Apple made. The 'demo' runs for 2 hours...
  19. MosGuy

    OT: one sided SSH setup for reverse VNC

    Hi Gang, This is somewhat off-topic but I thought you all might have some thoughts. I've set up a reverse VNC for my I.T business that allows me to connect remotely to my clients & help resolve issues. I'm using the latest versions of OSXvnc & chicken of the vnc for Mac users. I've created a...