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    Corrupted Flashdrive

    I have a SanDisk cruzer mini 256MB flash drive. The data in it is corrupted. Now, I tried to re-format the drive in Window$ and... well... It did not work(I wasn't surprised). Now is there something I can do in Mac to fix my beloved flashdrive and keep all the data in it? I had a 15 chapter...
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    Net neutrality

    I bet some of you have heard of this... I have started a petition against the Government screwing with the internet here it is Please read this and sign if you agree. And spred the word!
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    BattleFront II? Halo 2?

    I heard that Halo 2 will be realease on Vista. What about mac? tell me what you heard. And what about BattleFront II, any news?
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    10.3.9 = Not that big of a step? Huh?

    I have an iMac G5 First gen 1.8 GHz 160HD 1.25 RAM running 10.3.6? well, I downloded the OSX OS update Combined and it slowed my Computer down to a snails pace. It took it like three minutes to boot, And all my Apps where slow also. I kept it like this for a very long time, and decided...
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    shuffle question again.

    my father left my ipod shuffle plugged into my mac for about 11hours longer than he should have. will that kill my battery life? or does the ipod shuffle have a thing that cuts off the energy flow when it get full charge.
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    shuffle battery.

    i have a 1BG shuffle(i love the damn thing :D) but, when the battery dies for good, can i get the battery replaced, or will i just have a really expensive flash drive?
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    OSX on xbox

    i heard of a way you can run OSX on xbox(not 360), what would i need to do, and will i still beable to play xbox games. and will i be able to use it just liek i would use mac
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    WANTED: Used Laptop

    (perferbably wiped) the laptop MUST atleast fit these specs for me to consider 1.0GHz 20GB hd 256 RAM The reason I am asking is I would like to have a laptop, but I hate Windows, I Dont want to shell out a cool grand for an Apple, so i figured Linux would be good, so i tried it and...
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    downloading speed....

    is there a way to increase the speed of my download like to make more of my internet speed partitioned away to downloading...
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    i just downloaded it and when i open the app it just opens and nothing happens... can anyone help me? im using 10.3
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    what is the deal with AvP II...

    ive heard that is is no good with an iMacG5... can some one give me a no BS reason why and if it can be fixed and if it can how?
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    Tablet Power book

    we need a varient of the Power Mac with a Tablet option, Jasu a thought...:)
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    i just found out infiltration is going to the Source Engine.... Dammit!!!!!!! us mac users are screwed:mad:
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    Map Problem!!!ahhhh!!!!

    help me!!!!!! im having problems woth inf2.9 for mac...... the maps dont work most of the time...... is there anbody else who had the mac version of inf2.9 can you help me.....:confused: :)
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    if pceee people ruled the world....

    ... what would you do...
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    looking for ibook

    im looking for an ibook 12" no other specs required.... RockOn...
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    UT'99 Mods needed....

    im looking for mac mods for UT'99 any one know of any good sites.....
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    hey i just realized this site is really big.... wow..... i feel kinda small all of a sudden....:o
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    er... wondering

    i was wondering if you could get a duel G5 and add it on to a new Imac G5?