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    Use default browser in Apple script?

    I have the following simple Apple Script but I'd like the default browser to open the URL and not specifically Safari. Any ideas? Thanks!
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    iMac G5 freezes all the time and randomly

    It happens when I'm working in applications, on the desktop or when I'm booting up. Repaired permissions, reset SMU, tried running Disk Utility from Install Disc (won't allow to start from it; I even tried to change the startup disc in the System Preferences to that disc but it won't show up in...
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    Microsoft Office 2004 & Entourage corrupted DB

    My Entourage 2004 DB is corrupted. The database utility tool is unable to repair it. It gives me an error "an I/O error has occurred". I tried EntourAid and that doesn't work either. When the repair starts, it soon crashes the app with an error -36. Microsoft Word gives me an error...
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    Virtual PC causes system to force shutdown. kernel panic?

    Yes, I did download the latest Virtual PC update. The mac is a PowerPC G4 867MHz.
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    Virtual PC causes system to force shutdown. kernel panic?

    It seems like Virtual PC is causing my computer to freeze. When it does so, i get a black window prompting me to shutdown in several languages. I found this log which seems to relate to the time of the crashes? Any advice would be appreciated...
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    Files duplicate randomly when dragged to desktop

    When I drag an attachment file from Outlook 2001 (running in Classic) to the OS X desktop, the attachment automatically duplicates itself and I end up with two copies. I did a File Systeme Check and deleted both finder preferences in OS X but still the problem persists. Any idea? thanks a lot...
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    Outlook 2001 Mac freezes

    I have one computer that runs OS 10.3.9 and Outlook 2001 for Mac in Classic. This is an Exchange environment. Almost every morning when i start up Outlook, the application will freeze within the first 5 minutes usually when trying to read a new email or trying to compose a new email. If, I...
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    Audio Cds Won't Play

    have you tried to repair permissions with Disk Utility, loging in as a different user, cleaning the laser?
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    Hindi font : Devanagari MT

    As I understand it, OS X supports Hindi with the Devanagari MT font. I have installed all additional fonts available on Disc 1, 2 & 3 of the OS X installer and can not find the Devanagari font anywhere on my system? It is supposed to be installed in one of those additional packages. If I try...
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    CD drawer just opens and won't close

    I disconnected the data cable from the CD-Rom Drive and rebooted. Again, the drawer opened on its own before I even reached the OS X user login window. Is this a sure sign that the drive is shot?
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    CD drawer just opens and won't close

    thanks. no luck yet. tried to reset the PMU, log in as a different user, etc. but to no avail. I think I need to pull the drive out and try another one.
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    CD drawer just opens and won't close

    This just started happening. The CD drawer just opens and I can't close it. If I try to close it after 30 seconds it just pops back open. If I insert a CD, it will not read it either and will eject it. I have tried changing the keyboard, unplugging all external devices, repairing permissions...