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    Itv icons

    Hi everyone! I was looking for icons similar to those used in the demonstration of apple's itv, the "gear" one specifically. anyone know if this icon was used in another mac app? you'll have to skip to 55...
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    I/O Error -36 on transfers from CD at 300mb

    Hello Everyone! I would really appreciate it if anyone has any indication why this would be happening. I get an error -36 when transferring a file that is 300mb or more from the cd/dvd internal rom drive. My Specs: G4 400 mhz (1 processor) AGP 512 mb ram MAC OS X 10.3.9 Thank...
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    Error transferring large files from cd

    Hello Everyone! I have the following: G4 400 mhz (1 processor) AGP 512 ram 20 gb hd 10.3.9 CD/DVD ROM When I transfer a large file (e.g. 300 mb that was burnt onto a cd-r/rw) it gives me an I/O error. If anyone can give me additional information, it would be greatly...
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    MAC OS X 10.3.9 Firmware without Classic?

    Hello Everyone! I am trying to find out info for the following. If anyone could assisst me with where to find the info or any information, it would be greatly appreciated. My MAC: Power Mac G4 400 mhz (1 processor) 512 mb ram 20 gb wd hard drive When I had classic installed on a...
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    Folders - Password Protect

    Hello Everyone! Is there a program that enables password protect for folders? Thank you kindly, mbay
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    Hello everyone! is there an iso tool for osx that can optimize larger iso for cd? (e.g. 1.4 gb data to 2 700 mb cd? Thank you kindly, mbay
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    Firewire Skydata Firewriter

    Hello everyone! I have a "Skydata Firewriter" firewire connection. It works in OS 9. I tried to contact the company for support but no answer. Is there a universal driver for mac periphals. Thanks in advance, mbay
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    Hello Everyone! my g4 apple pro keyboard is not working that much anymore. Where may i purchase (aside ebay) a keyboard still compatible with classic? Secondly, does anyone know if dvd firewriter skydata is compatible with os x? thanks in advance, mbay
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    DD2 wma codec

    Hello Everyone! I am attempting to use divx doctor 2 to convert an avi compressed with wma audio. I downloaded codec, but do i put it in osx system folder? Thanks in advance! mbay
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    Avi with no sound

    Hello everyone! i am running mac osx 10.3 with quicktime 6.5. avi always played sound, but since i re-installed os there is no more sound! I have 3divx installed. any suggestions? thanks in advance, mbay
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    GREY "Restart" Box on Boot

    Hello Everyone, I am a little worried about this. Perhaps someone can help clear this up - any help would be appreciated. At times, when I boot my G4 400 mac, there's a grey box that has multiple languages and asks me to restart my computer or hold the power button for a few moments...
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    Hello everyone, I am new to Panther. I am reading the manual, but I have trouble with the "file sharing" premise. In Classic, in the "File Sharing" menu, there was a "Users & Groups" tab. Inside this tab, one could press the "New User" button, and go about creating a user for file sharing...
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    Need understanding of getElementById

    Hello Everyone!!! I was looking on the internet for better understanding of the following: [document.getElementById(hello).offsetTop] What is the purpose of "OffsetTop"? Anyone with any info or links to help are welcomed. Thank you in advance, mbay
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    Retrieve ANCHOR from IFRAME on page

    Hello Everyone!!! I have a question, and any advise or help would be greatly appreciated. I know that ANCHORS situated on a page may be retrieved from another page using the method [a href="faq.html#here"]. How would I retrieve an ANCHOR within an IFRAME from another page. Below are...
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    DIV ID help needed

    Hello Everyone!!! I searched a little on the net to find out if this is possible, but yet to no avail. When using a <DIV></DIV> tag in html, is there a rotate attribute that may be used? I am using a white image and want to extend it quite a ways across the page over another image, but since...
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    Mac Os X 10.0 And Dmg Files!

    Hello everyone! I'm really new to OS X, so be easy on me! :) I realized that a lot of compressed files for MAC OS X are in DMG. even the updates on some sites. I only have MAC OS 10.0, and I am attempting to open a DMG file, but it gives me mounting errors. I'm not too sure how to use the...