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    Dropped Zero

    I use autofill but whenever I enter my zip code, which begins with a zero, the zero drops out and the box turns yellow, thus eliminating the autofill feature for that instance. How do I get the autofill to keep the zero??? I've checked all my preferences and the zero for my zip code is...
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    zip code dropped zero

    I use autofill, but whenever I enter my zip code - which begins with 0 - the 0 is dropped out. That effectively kills the autofill. How do I get rid of this problem??
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    How can you change user name and password in Tiger?

    I've just installed Tiger on my own and my wife's computer. How can I change her user name and password? We both want to be able to be administrators and users on both our Macs - it would be far simpler if all our administrator and computer names and passwords were the same.