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    Still can't get X11 on 10.4.2 Go to and it says "Q: I don't see /Applications/Utilities/ after installing. A: Make sure you install the X11.pkg, not just the X11SDK.pkg. " Lovely! Where do I get X11.pkg?? Can't find it on the...
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    Upgraded OS & lost iPod library?

    Please tell me it isn't so! Did I really just lose everything off my iPod? Did a clean install of 10.4 onto my Powerbook G4 (in my hurry to get X11 which still isn't working) and connected the iPod, which looks like it is completely free of any music of any kind. Is there anything this idiot...
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    Invisible X11

    A different approach - does anyone know if I can use the terminal to install this package? That is, do you know of any tricky commands I can use to explicitly install this X11? (Rather than through the installer....)
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    Invisible X11

    I recently upgraded from 10.2 to 10.4 as I require X11 for Matlab. I have a PowerBook G4, did a clean install and am on 10.4.2. I installed X11 from the disk (in initial install, and seperately through the X11 package), and installation was 'successful'. However there is no X11 folder, in...