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    Free PowerPoint Viewer

    1. My question posted Saturday was not answered. The posting was to expire tomorrow but it is already gone. 2. I asked why the free viewers for PowerPoint for Mac I found online all display only an empty folder after I try to install them. All I was told was use iWorks. I don't want it - I...
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    Epson Brand Inkjet Cartridges (9) for C80 series

    New Epson Brand Inkjet Durabrite Ink Cartridges for Epson C84, C86, C64, CX6200 CX6600 Printers. 4 Unopened in original Epson boxes (best results with Epson printers). 5 others opened but full. (Had just installed in printer that died.) Consists of high-capacity Black Cartridges (T043120)...
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    Problems with Toast Titantium on G5 iMac

    Having troubles with Toast 6.1.1 on iMac G5 OS 10.4.8 and not getting any responses from 3 forums for Toast and DivX in which I entered the following: Backups of iMac & iBook worked OK previously. But iMac usually reports that "A file couldn't be found: -43" or something similar. (Backing up to...
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    airport problem

    I have 1st gen. airport in my iBook. It only works about half the time in the very next room. Internet Connect shows all the blue markers lit for signal strength. But even when lit it often will not connect. Then it suddenly goes out. I try various adjustments in Airport Utility, in the Airport...
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    Safari says can't open web site "mail to:"

    Safari has started reporting"...can't open "mail to" xxxxxxx because OSX doesn't recognize internet addresses starting with "mail to:" But it does open them! How do I get rid of the alerts? Followed advice of my MUG but can't find anyplace in Safari to turn off the alerts. They suggested...
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    Vanishing audio files & text

    Using 10.3.9 on iMac G5. For some time have had text in a couple apps vanish even when regularly saved.[AppleWorks & GoLive] Now I wonder if I have a HD problem, because when I try to time-shift FM programs using radioSHARK, only portions of the program are recorded. Frequently an hour show...