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    Resolving Windows Workgroup/Domain hostnames

    I resolved this at work by correcting the DNS server to point to the domain controller (as do the PCs). At home I still can't resolve the PC host names in the windows workgroup, though they show up under the network in Finder.
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    Resolving Windows Workgroup/Domain hostnames

    I can access Windows hosts on my home (workgroup) network and work (windows domain) networks for SMB just fine, but I can't resolve any of the hostnames otherwise. For example if I go into the terminal and type "ping mywindowshost" it will not resolve to its IP address, however if I go to...
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    iPhoto 6 hangs with Leopard

    I reinstalled it and rebooted twice and it has come good.
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    iPhoto 6 hangs with Leopard

    I have run software update and got all the latest updates to iphoto, but it still hangs :(
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    iPhoto 6 hangs with Leopard

    I recently did a clean install of my system with leopard and then installed the iLife apps from my tiger DVDs. All the apps work fine with the exception of iPhoto. Whenever I try and import even a single photo it just hangs forever and I have to do a force quit. I have tried deleting the...
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    Good Basic Graphics app

    Thanks, they look like excellent suggestions. I will check them out. Andrew
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    Good Basic Graphics app

    On windows I used for basic image editing. On my Mac I have photoshop elements 2 which is OK but takes forever to load. Are there any free or low cost image editors anyone can recommend for the Mac?
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    Windows style file move

    Since switching to a Mac there is one thing I have not found a good solution for. That is moving files around. Under Windows I would just Ctrl-X, go to the target directory and then Ctrl-V. I find the whole drag and search for the target directory on the Mac much more cumbersome. I know I can...
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    How to refresh a samba share

    I have a linux box as a file server. Sometimes when I add a file on the linux box it doesn't show up on the client PC or Mac systems. On a PC I just hit F5 to refresh and the new file shows up. Is there an equivalent thing I can do to convince my Mac to refresh its view of the files?
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    Cisco VPN Client unreliable on Intel Mac

    Yes, this is the version I am using. I am using IPSec over TCP as the transport. Possibly the problem is there? What transport are you using?
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    Cisco VPN Client unreliable on Intel Mac

    Has anyone had any success with the Cisco VPN client on an Intel Mac? It connects for me on my Macbook Pro, but the connection is very unreliable - lasting a few minutes at most. This in contrast to a PC running the Cisco client on which the connection is rock solid. I take it from the...
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    Can't install Photoshop 6 on MacbookPro

    I bought Photoshop 6 on ebay thinking that it should work fine being a powerpc app. Problem is that the installer is a classic app! Because of this I can't install it. Does anyone know of a way around this?
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    Airport does not automatically connect

    I have a powerbook G4 with Tiger. It was working fine with my wireless network - it would connect as soon as I opened up the laptop. But now it refuses to automatically connect. It lists it as an available network and connects immediately when I select it, but it won't connect by itself. In...
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    Initiating a connection to bluetooth device

    I have tried that. I just get a failure message.
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    Initiating a connection to bluetooth device

    I bought the Motorola HS850 because it supports multiple pairings (BT 1.2 spec I think). So that is not a problem. As I said - it connects with the last device used. Otherwise the device needs to initiate the connection so it knows to switch. That is the crux of my problem. Can I...
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    Initiating a connection to bluetooth device

    I have a bluetooth headset that will connect to the most recent device it was used with. Problem is I use my headset mostly with my mobile phone, so I need to initiate a connection from my Mac to the headset. I can't find any way to do this other than removing and re-adding the headset via...
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    Decent free/low cost HTML & PHP editor?

    I used to use under windows - it has context sensitive keyword popups and a preview mode that make it very easy to code in HTML and PHP. Is there something similar for OS X?
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    hostname keeps changing

    The hostname of my Powerbook keeps changing when I connect to my home network. For example, say my hostname is "mymac" - this works fine when I connect up to the network at my workplace. But when I connect to my home network (using a Draytek Vigor router) it changes the hostname to "Vigor11" or...
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    Creating a DVD without a menu

    Is it possible to create a DVD without a menu using iDVD? I have a movie that I want to just play when the DVD is inserted. I don't want any DVD menu. Shouldn't be so hard should it? I can't figure out how to do it. I'd appreciate any suggestions you might have.
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    PocketMac vs Missing Sync PocketPC

    Can anyone provide an opinion on these packages for PocketPC sync? I am trialling PocketMac right now but it does some weird things e.g. I can't connect to my wireless network when its running! Missing Sync doesn't have a trial version, given my experience with PocketMac I'm wary of paying...