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  1. Cat

    The Register: Apple Tablet?

    From The Register: Sounds interesting! Indeed ... :)
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    *Speculation!* 20th ann. iMac Paris expo?

    Macbidouille posted a very interesting argument on their site: I find this extremely interesting: indeed where is our 20th Mac anniversary Mac? Of course this borders on a conspiracy theory, but it is could work. We've already gone through all the major Mac events this year: MWSF and WWDC...
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    Ye olde tale of the FireWire enclosure ...

    Hear ye, hear ye! After long pilgrimage in the computer shoppes of the world I finally found the mythical firewire enclosure to house the drives of my defunct PC. I brought it home and prayed the gods of hardware assembly for their assistance. After offering the blood of my knuckels, the...
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    iTMS Europe [[Live news]]

    Report from the dutch site (EDIT: also on 12.00 Conference begins. Jobs on stage, recapping iTMS: 85M downloads, 70% online market. 12.15 OD2 and Virgin are no real competition: illegal downloads are. People want to own their music not rent it, etc...
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    UT2004Demo speedup hint

    This was posted today at Macosxhints: disable sound to improve performance. IT WORKS! Onlsaught was well nigh unplayable before, now it is !!OMFG!!11!!TEH SNAPPY!!! if you get my drift ... :D Please try and test, it's really simple! Edit your UT2004.ini: toggle useSound from True to...
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    KDE apps on OS X

    Check this out: Looks like we don't need to wait until OO is ported to aqua by 2006 ... See:
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    Camino 0.8 Roadmap

    In his Blog Pinkerton posted a link to the Camino Roadmap. Camino 0.8 will be released around March 2004.
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    Civ IV on the horizon!

    A new version of Civilization seems to be in the works! From the Apolyton Forums, found via GameArs: Indeed, from the interview: I've been a Civ enthusiast ever since Civ I and I'm happy to hear that the series will be continued. I hope it will be ported fast to the Mac once it is...
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    XGrid & XServe G5?

    Following an item on ThinkSecret I went to give a look at the mailing list on "XGrid". There I found several posts, by the same individual, talking about an XServe G5 that he was allegedly testing in combination with XGrid. Some quotes: There also was someone mentioning an Apple event...
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    Help with browser quirks

    Today I updated my homepage and while checking I noticed weirdness with some browsers. While displaying correctly in Safari, Camino, Omniweb and Mozilla, Opera gave some minor quirks and Mac IE completely misrendered the text ... My site validates correctly at the W3C for both XHTML and...
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    Apple Q4 results

    Check out the details here Interesting quotes: Apple said it shipped 787,000 Macintosh units during the quarter, up 7 percent from the year-ago quarter, as well as 336,000 iPods, up 140 percent from the year-ago quarter.
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    Hilarious article! :)

    Great article on why switching to windows is a Bad Thing: Enjoy! :D
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    News on iTMS Europe / Windows

    Let's hope that means *early* next year for Europe, as in January / MWSF.
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    Keynote Coverage

    Apparently nobody is providing feedback on the spot from Paris ... Up to now it seems to be quite boring: G5 recap, nothing new... Panther preview, nothing new... Everybody is beating the PowerBook drum. Let's see what happens.
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    Gates interview on NYT

    Link So now he takes credit for solving problems that windows introduced! Windows is an OS full of holes, and now that the holes are being plugged he takes credit for it, pats himself on the back and says "well done". Dear Bill, others don't plug your holes because they don't make your...
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    Apple Berlin invitation

    MacBidouille posted an image of the invitation to the Apple event in Berlin. This is the translation: The part about speed exceeding our wildes dreams is quite interesting ... :D
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    New PowerMacs!

    And here they are: dual 1.42 GHz PM's! Now the PM line starts at only $ 1499. This absolutely kills the MHz Myth thread ... ;)