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    where to get dual 800 less then $2100 and my dual G4 FS

    There used to be some ad on a web site selling dual G4/800 for under $2000. where is that? i don't think it was used either, but it has less ram and hard drive was smaller. I'm looking to buy in the next couple weeks a dual G4/800 for $2100 or less. used or new. don't need a super drive and...
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    how do i get rid of

    i downloaded tenon and installed it. i deleted it yet when i boot still is loaded at start up and there is no item for it in the start up control panel or anything. so how do i get rid of it totally? it is one pice of crap software.
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    entourage X how do i get preview pane?

    in Entourage X, aka Office X why do i need to double click on all emails to read them? where did the window go like from OE on pc and mac? it's not there anymore. you used to be able to click the message once and it would show up in the bottem preview pane window and you could read it. like in...
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    apple store in seattle

    Does anyone have any idea if Apple is going to have an Apple store in Wash State/Seattle or anything? Is there a web page at their site that lists upcomming or has feedback link stuff? They need a store here asap as Wash state has no good apple stores really.
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    does iphoto work with images on comp already?

    does iphoto work with images already on the computer or only with imported ones from digi cams? does iphoto work with all digia cams or just certain models and does anyone think apple will expand the list of cams it works with?
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    15" lcd not same as 17" crt, wish people would stop

    Steve and some people say that a 15" LCD has the same view size as a 17" CRT. why do they think that? It is flat out wrong. a 17" will have a view size of 15.9" or 16". This is a lot bigger then 15". Steve and others say a 17" LCD has same vie size as 19" CRT. That's wrong too. I have a 19" and...
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    15" lcd is not same as 17" crt so stop

    people say 15" lcd is same view size as 17" crt. i wish everyone would stop. it is not the same size. 15" is smaller, alot. 17" crt is 16" view or 15.9" view. that really is a lot bigger then a 15" apple lcd. i have tried looking at 2 side by side and the crt was in fact bigger and noticibly...
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    If anyone wants MWSF on vhs I'll record for them

    If anyone wants mwsf on vhs please let me know. I'll be recording it in SP mode and would be glad to make copies for anyone who wants it. So long as yer in the U.S. Tech Tv might have it live and if so I'll be recording from DirecTV. If they don't have it live I'll be getting it off the Apple...
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    how do we print back to front in mac os x epson C80

    i have epson stylus C80 in mac os 10.1 with latest and only mac os x software. how do i get it to in all documents print back to front so the first page will always print last? i just printed out a 290 paqge mac os x book from pdf and it printed page 1, 2 3 and 4 etc so page 290 is on top. now i...
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    View Sonic 22" monitor P225f

    Does anyone have or has anyone seen the View Sonic monitor P225f on Mac OS X or 9? And how does it look etc?
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    what printer for mac os x and network and windows me-xp support?

    what printer out there works in mac os x and 9 and windows me- xp but also on the network for under $350? i won't buy HP as they do not like mac os x and won't support it. they don't have network drivers still and it's almost a year after x was released, so my guess is epson only. i will not...
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    any agp video cards with vid out and ADC?

    I have a dual G4. Just got the Apple 17" LCD monitor. I need video out. Would like to upgrade my vid card as well. Is there any video card AGP that has s video out and an ADC port for this Apple LCD monitor? Prefer not to spend more then $199. Thought I'd have to get ATI Radeon AGP, but no idea...
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    so now that @home is shut down what is everyone going to do?

    ok, @home shut down the service. it's right now 3:30am Sunday morning in seattle, wa for me. i called them when it went offline yesterday and asked if it was cus of the bankruptcy and they said no, just an outage. so i went t bed and woke up a few hrs ago, 10pm actually. still offline. friend...
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    where do we get omni web 4.1 sneeky peek?

    subject says it all. i need to know where we get the omni web sneekypeek 4.1 and also why it is not listed on their site.
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    any news group app multiple server combine to form more ocmplete group

    ok, are there any news group applications that access news groups for binary files that work with multiple news group servers and downloads headers from all groups and combine them to form a more complete group? like if a file has 15 parts and 13 parts are on server 1 and server 2 has the rest...
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    omniweb 4.1

    where do we download omniweb 4.1sp1 or sp2 whatever it is? for 10.1 compatibility. it is not at versiontracker nor their own site. yet i have seen people here and elsewhere talk about how it is and stuff.
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    QT and 10.1 major speed problems

    10.1. QT pro. 502. Play mpeg file. When using mouse to browse through file menu or other menues in quicktime it is extremly slow and un responsive. like a really slow computer. like finder resizing was in 10.0. using the mouse to click on any of the menues like file, edit, movie, window, etc...
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    10.1 release slower then 5g27 on my dual

    just installed 10.1 retail 5g64 on my dual. it is slower then 5g27. no idea why. some parts are slower while others the same. not one bit faster. and major problems too. dual g4/450 with 896mb ram. it sucks. no pc network support like steve promised. steve said all you do is open the connect...