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    iTunes spiking processor

    I too have recently noticed that my iTunes uses about 150% Processor while updating the podcasts in my library. I don't recall this happening when i first was using podcasts, but just recently noticed high processing while updates are being done. I currently have a dual 2.0 G5 with all the...
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    What is the best firewire portable hard drive?

    I buy most of my hardware from OWC. I currently have two external hard drives and they all work great. They provide great customer service and have quality products. OWC
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    "AuthServer" failed to start????

    I just noticed the same situation in my log. Jul 22 00:19:12 Computer shutdown: reboot by **********: Jul 22 00:19:12 Computer SystemStarter[489]: authentication service (503) did not complete successfully Jul 22 00:19:13 Computer SystemStarter[489]: The following StartupItems failed to...