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    Mail Crashes and Keyboard Inoperative after Running Language-Removal App

    On advice from a popular website I downloaded and ran an App called Monolingual to free up around 2GB of hard-disk space by removing unwanted languages from the OS (obviously leaving the English languages unchecked) I now discover the following problems: (i) Mail appears to be functioning...
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    'Save As' Command Not Working Properly

    After a routine and otherwise successful upgrade from 10.5 to 10.6, beyond re-setting a few appearance preferences etc I've noticed a really irritating problem. When saving a series of images from the internet one at a time into a folder on an auxiliary hard drive each time I press 'Save As'...
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    Stickies Application: Data Disappeared When Upgrading 10.5 to 10.6

    Help gratefully appreciated here as I have some valuable notes accumulated over several years. This relates to the Stickies Application, not the Widget of the same name. Problem: Upgraded from Leopard to Snow Leopard. On opening Stickies am greeted by the Welcome page (ie all my 'stack' of...
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    Microsoft Entourage 2004 malfunction

    I am having terrible trouble with Entourage and so far it has cost me seven hours of support from an IT colleague, as well as my internet service provider (now established as definitely not their fault). What I required is terribly simple but is proving impossible to achieve. I simply...
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    Real Player cause unwanted Safari page

    Until (foolishly) agreeing to update to a 'newer' version of Real Player the other week when prompted on the screen I had no problem opening Real Player links from the Safari browser. I've asked Real Player for their technical support but they don't know the answer. I've completely un-installed...