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    iTunes plays when display closed?

    I have a MackBookPro, 10.4.9 Recently, I closed the lid on my laptop while iTunes was playing -- it continued playing and I really liked the "new" feature. I then went into preferences to automatically put computer to sleep and now whenever iTunes is playing, I close the lid and the music...
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    domestic/international wireless

    I need to read my email from a hotel room, restaurant, etc., while traveling domestically and internationally. Is there a technology out there (EDVO?) that can allow me to plug into any phone line and connect to the internet. I plan to buy whatever Mac laptop I need to accomplish this...
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    Linksys router stopped working

    This is the scenario a couple of days ago: I had two computers connected to Linksys router -- one a PC (Compaq) using Windows XP and another Mac (PowerBookG4) with 10.3.9 OS X 0 -- that was connected to a Cox cable modem. I changed nothing but there was a thunderstorm. Everything is...
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    Which Airport Extreme Base Station?

    I'm trying to decide if I should buy an Airport Extreme Base Station without modem and antenna port (this is model M9397LL/A). The base station with modem and antenna port is model M8799LL/A. Here's what I have: G4 PowerBook with cable connection. I also have a PC that shares same...
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    Printing problem/Word/HP printer

    I've been printing find from my classic Word software but suddenly can't print. I use OS 10.3.5, powerPC G4. have new HP psc1200 but it has been working. Have restarted, closed, opened program, highlighted printer in Classic chooser but still can't print. I can print, however, from email...
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    Inserting video into Dreamweaver

    Today, 10:07 PM * * #1 schafer Registered User * Join Date: Dec 2003 Posts: 10 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ I received a DVD to insert on the web. I already have a video on the page, working fine, but it was an .mpeg format. This new...
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    New OS, can't print

    Have new computer -- PowerBook G4, 800mhz, with Mac X 10.2 installed. I upgraded to 10.3. Have an Apple Laserwriter II NTX printer. Printer is connected to small cream colored AsanteTalk box that is connected to a light blue larger Asante router that is connected to my PowerBook. Printer...
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    region 2 dvds

    Can I play a region 2 dvd? i have a powerbook g4; in the extension I found DVD Region Manager, Apple DVD Software 2.3.1 but don't know what this means. I want to bid on DVD on eBay from England but it's region 2. Any help will be appreciated.
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    Virtual PC

    Was using Virtual PC successfully for over a year until the cursor got off track -- it wasn't connecting to icon properly. I trashed then re-installed Virtual PC and now I can't connect to the Internet from the software. I had DSL installed several months ago. Any suggestions on how to...
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    OS x Panther upgrade

    Am attempting to upgrade to OS X 103 Panther. Can't install -- get following message when selecting destination disk: "Can't install on this volume. You cannot upgrade this verson of Mac OS X" I have OS X 10.0.3 and 9.2 classic on my system. Am using PowerBook G4. Hard disk info...