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    Netgear Wg311t Under Linux With Airport Express

    Hello, Question 1 -- the biggie: I'm running Airport Express as a router, sharing an ADSL connection between a PowerBook (from which I can also stream music to my stereo -- it's great) and a Linux machine running SuSE 9.3, in which I have installed a Netgear WG311T PCI wireless network card...
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    Airport Express

    Hi MiB, As I'm sure you know, the orange flashing light means the Airport Express isn't able to start up with a valid configuration. One suggestion I've seen here previously is to connect the Airport Express to your Mac with an Ethernet cable (the Mac can't really help seeing it then) and...
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    Why couldn't Apple go With AMD?

    So the versions of Mac OS for the Intel Macs will likely use that BIOS. Interesting. Hmm. Thanks for the info. Best, Tim
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    Why couldn't Apple go With AMD?

    If you say so (and I got rid of my comment because I realized I'd posted without reading the entire thread). I'm sure you know more about this than I do :-). An Intel chipset means they can't use Open Firmware? Best, Tim
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    Why couldn't Apple go With AMD?

    (Why the hell can't I delete this post? Where's the damn delete button or link? :mad: )
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    PC to MAC wireless networking over Airport Express?

    Hi Jason, I have a PowerBook and a Linux machine that I've had talking to each other (until I switched to wireless networking -- now the Linux machine won't connect, but that's another story). To let your Windows machine "see" your Mac, you need to enable "Windows File Sharing" (I think...