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    Tiger doesn't want to airport

    Got two new laptops with 10.4.2 on them. The wireless connection is light grey. I put their mac addresses into the airport and click on update. About 30 seconds later it says update was successful. But when I go to connect to the network on them I get an error telling me they haven't been...
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    Changing Iphoto Load Location

    Hi All One of my school clients wants to use iphoto with the students. My problem is that by default it loads from the local user home. I need to be able to point this to a network sharepoint. It would also be very helpful if I could force a preference to change the location depending on...
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    Users Can't Write to Home Folders

    Hi All On pather server 10.3.8 The clients are tiger eMacs 10.4.2 I've got /users automounting in workgroup manager and appearing in the users' dock. That works. I've got a lot of software that tries to save to the home folder by default. Won't save. So then i tried connecting to...
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    Panther Server - can't add mount point

    Hi all I'm new to panther server. I'm loggin into the machine as root. I then run workgroup mgr and login as root - get in fine. It says i'm authenticated to LDAVv3/ which is the Ip of the server. Now i'm trying to automount user home directories. So i go to user...