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    anyone using CUPS to set print limits?

    Hello friends, I've scoured the internet for Leopard or OS X.5-specific information about using CUPS to set page-limits for a shared printer. The short story: i'm using an old iMac as the CUPS printer server. attached to it via USB is the printer (HP LaserJet 5200.) I'm sharing this...
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    new tabs in Leopard Terminal not using .bashrc

    And how about successive tabs?
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    new tabs in Leopard Terminal not using .bashrc

    Using the default login works fine if you don't need an interactive shell and you have a .bash_profile file. This is actually what I did; just used the default settings in Terminal and copied my .bashrc file (now unused!) into a new .bash_profile file in my home directory. Now, all windows and...
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    new tabs in Leopard Terminal not using .bashrc

    Greetings, I've been trying to find some hard and fast information about the implementation of the bash shell in Terminal of 10.5. Right now I have several complaints, namely that the new Terminal is lousy about using the .bashrc file. There are two places now (as opposed to one in the old...
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    3rd 4th-gen iPod dies unsanctimonious death.

    That's right ladies and gentlemen, it has been but several months since my first post (distraught with angst over my demised iPod [the first one]) and my second replacement iPod (the 3rd overall) is throwing fatal errors every attempt to update or "add" songs to it. "The disc cannot be read...
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    4th Gen... Out of Curiosity.

    Apple is nothing but a bunch of nug-tugging weanies! I get my iPod back after 4 days of them "looking at it" and how is it? Broken! I don't think they even looked at it... it was on the same screen, in extras in the clock area, as when I sent it in! It took 3 hours on the phone with...
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    4th Gen... Out of Curiosity.

    I expect it to last longer than a year... especially if I dropped $400 bucks on it. Seem too much to expect?
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    4th Gen... Out of Curiosity.

    So, Apple is sending my iPod back to me. They say that after wiping it and reinstalling everything (something which I've done myself) it works fine. What I tried to tell them is that they have to try to put music on it, then disconnect it and connect it again and it'll die... they don't seem...
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    4th Gen... Out of Curiosity.

    Hmmmm. That's truly disgusting! I suppose I should be happy that mine's lasted this long.... BUT I'M NOT! ....
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    4th Gen... Out of Curiosity.

    Apple recently sent around a coffin cart for my 1 1/2 year old 4th generation iPod clickwheel. Fortunately, I had the sense to purchase the extended warranty for the thing, so they'll be kind enough to send me someone else's broken iPod which they've Frankensteined back into *working* order...
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    Add to Contextual Menu (control+click)?

    Oh. Sweet. I'll check that out. Thanks! -S
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    Add to Contextual Menu (control+click)?

    Okay, Answered my own question in a way... though it's not elegant and I'm not satisfied.... The above can be quasi-accomplished by using the Right-click the desktop and scroll to Automater and click 'create workflow'. Then, select the 'finder' from the first menu on the...
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    Add to Contextual Menu (control+click)?

    Hey guys, I know we'd all rather type at a command line (.....) but occationally picking up the mouse is a necesary task. Unfortunately I've been spoiled by my linux box where the shell is only a right-click away at any time! Does anyone know if it is possible and if it is, how to hack...
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    Powerbook Ti 667MHz--Worth Putting Money Into?

    >Thinking of using it again, but as a secondary computer. >I would need to get a new battery; I also want to put two 512MB chips in place of the two >256MB ones, and put a slightly larger hard drive into it. I'm estimating the cost to be $400 >$450, and even more if I upgrade the combo drive to...
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    Linux and Mac.

    Unfortunately, my experience has been that PPC linux has been a waste of time. It's really a bastard child, with most efforts being directed at X86 development and, recently, more to OSX than to PPC Linux. Many applications are kind of broken, support is minimal (I've tried four flavors!) and...
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    What applications to use with X11? Suggestions and reviews

    Ardour is an open source, sequencing music editor... yadda yadda. Does some neat stuff, basically like an open source Cubase LE or some such. Handles a variety of plug-ins. There's info on the site as to how to set these up. There are problems with the automation and some other minute things...
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    Anyone know a good network pci LAN card?

    I'm trying to find a Tiger (10.4) compatible gigabit lan card. Linksys don't work - drivers are OSX 10.3 and don't install correctly. I've found 1) Hawking Technologies HGA32T 10/100/1000Mbps Auto-sensing Gigabit Ethernet Adapter - $26.95 supposedly works as-is in Tiger -...
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    Anti-virus for mac?

    Unless you are streaming a lot of information through the net to a PC or from one PC to another via files or a network, local or not, don't waste your money on virus software. (and you should only do it in the above case if you are worried about sending a virus from one of the PCs to the...
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    using Terminal to venture into iPod... oh dark mystery!

    Apple likes to hide things from people, and perhaps for good reason. If, when one double clicked one's iPod icon, one could see all of the neat stuff revealed by command-line trickery that doesn't show up, perhaps the less technologically inclined would be tempted to delete everything and then...
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    Maddening problem with packages and installations

    In addition, the problem seems to be worsening. I've attempted to grab the .app from other macs running the same stuff as me and drop it's stuff in the reciepts folder and install it, but that hasn't really worked either. It's gotten to the point that some pkgs will crash it without...