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    Intel and Steve Jobs rumor - interesting update.

    Strange story. I listened to the sound clip on loop rumors. It doesn't sound like Steve to me. The word choices are wrong too. Moreover, the voice says they switced to a room full of Pentiums. Actually, it was a room full of Xeons. Steve would have known that. Anyway Pixar using Xeons for a...
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    Any word on new Safari updates?

    I heard somewhere that someone found a message in the Safari package stating that this beta would expire some time in June of this year. Something will happen before then, most likely much before then.
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    Ipod problem.

    It could be the directory structure is getting screwed up. Have you tried checking it? If you have all the files on your main HD you might try initializing it. I had to do that once. I put some large files on it for back up. After deleting them the free space was not recovered. I wiped the disk...
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    Thank god for OSX!

    Viruses could be written for OS X. They probably wouldn't propagate as quickly. Apple tends to turn off by default the entry points viruses would use. Of course, if you get an application attachment by email from a stranger and launch it you get what you deserve. Then there is always the social...
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    I would like to applaud Apple

    How about i"Surfin Safari"?
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    Mac OS 10.2.3!

    Almost all new Macs cannot boot the previous versions of OS 9 (8, 7, 6,...). After a new Mac comes out you generally need to wait for a new version of the OS to come out which knows about the peculiarities of the new machine. The last version of OS 9 came out sometime last year. It cannot be...
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    Netscape finally works in 10.2.2

    I don't use it that often but Netscape 7 installed just fine before 10.2.2 came out. One thing I've found is that for some apps you have to move the old version to the trash and then EMPTY THE TRASH or you will have problems. I can only guess that this has something to do with how the Finder...
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    time for a new mac?

    Apple upgrades everything roughly twice a year, but you never know exactly when that will happen. Possibly the G4 tower will be upgraded in January. It is doubtful that any really huge changes will come before next summer. As far as your current freeze problem goes, I'd try the following...
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    Mac TV

    There are several options. Eskape labs makes a TV tuner with a USB interface and software so you can watch TV on your Mac. EyeTV turns your Mac into a digital TV recorder a al TIVO. Formac makes a FW video digitizer with TV tuner. It produces DV format files. These are rather large but...
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    apple powerbook used in photography of entire Calif. Coastline!

    This project is awesome. This is one of those groundbreaking activities that changes the world. I was looking at these pictures over the weekend. When you download the highest resolution image you are down to about 25cm resolution. We easily looked up places we knew along the coast. This is like...
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    probable most stupid idea ever...

    I think this is Apple's idea for .Mac in the not too distant future.
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    QuickTime MP3s no-go on iPod?

    My guess is you need to export that to AIFF then edit it then encode it again. You could also check Version Tracker to see if someone has an MP3 editor.
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    Does more RAM increase 10.2 speed?

    Open the Terminal and type vm_stat. It will show you statistics for use of the HD for swapping out parts of memory. If you have lots of memory relative to the demands of your software this will be small or zero. If you run RAM intensive applications this will be nonzero. You can check it from...
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    Help! Frustrated "switcher" having problems with my 550mhz TiBook.

    Perhaps the drop shook loose a heat sink or perhaps the replacement HD that was added runs too hot for the limited space. In that case the processor may simply be overheating. I have a similar problem on my Pismo where I know for a fact the connection to the heat sink is not proper. The Pismo...
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    MacWorld SF 2003

    -New iPod. maybe not bigger but more features in the firmware. -New features for .mac making it more worthwhile -Quark for OS X. -More advances for OS X -Possibly new hardware announced near this but not at MWSF itself.
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    .Mac Down

    Last night and this morning it's working a little slower than usual but it is working. I'm curious, where can you get free IMAP and POP email with both client and browser access. iCal publishing on .Mac is quite nice. You should try it.
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    Jaguar and Broadband Connection

    I think the cost of ADSL will drop in before long. We don't have cable TV but we did sign up for ADSL for $50/month. We just moved back from Japan where ADSL is faster and cheaper. You can get 8Mb ADSL for about $20 and 12Mb ADSL for about $25/month. You can even get optical fiber to your desk...
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    What happens if you never upgrade to 10.2

    OS X 10.2 is not an upgrade for 10.1. It replaces it. In that sense you could wait as long as you like and then purchase whatever future version pleases you. When you install it it will simply replace OS X 10.1. The only downside I can think of is that possibly future version might not be...
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    Graphics and Pismo Powerbooks...

    I think that Quartz Extreme does not work with the graphics card in a Pismo. That means you don't get the acceleration advantage of QE. Apart from that it works fine. I installed 10.2 on my Pismo 500 the day after it came out. No problems so far but I haven't stressed it very hard.