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    WEP Lock

    I have a Belkin-N MIMO router. My problem is that whenever the internet connection is dropped (sleep, dropped signal), the WEP password reverts to None, despite entering the password and clicking Apply. Why won't it stay? Also, when I try to set up any other security other that WEP, the...
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    "not connected to the Internet"

    I'm frequently experiencing dropped connections with my ISP (a satellite service). Disabling / reabling the Ethernet port, or closing my laptop lid for a few seconds, usually fixes the problem, abiet temporarily. I've noticed during these dropped connections that over 90% of the time, the...
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    Mail Signature

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    Demonic possession

    It's happened Four now since upgrading to 10.4. Out of nowhere--like the middle of the night--with the lid closed, the fan will suddenly start running at max velocity and the powerbook then becomes unresponsive. Stranger still, the clock still announces the time (as it's set to do on the...
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    no such file or directory

    Launching Apple X11 before updating to 10.4 resulted in the following message in a term window. So, I got rid of X11 and reinstalled it with the 10.4 updt. My X11 nightmare continues. The error continues, without a flinch. I can't remember the last time X11 worked. Here's the message...
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    Hauntd by .Mac

    I haven't had my .Mac account for Way over a year. I've removed Every reference to it that I can find (including address book, Mails' Previous Recipients and Apple Script's Add / Remove SMTP servers). Yet, it keeps popping up in various places. Just now, trying to send an an email from within an...
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    Apple X11 and Sourceforge KDE

    I believe I asked this question about 9 months ago. Since there has been no reply, I'll try re-wording the question in case the orginal was not clear. KDE is set to launch when I open X11. However, once KDE has loaded, NONE of the windows are responsive (To ANYthing). I can move folders and...
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    Port Forwarding

    I want to login to my Mac, through my router, from my PC at work (win NT). I've set up the router to forward port 139. To pull this off, will I need VNC (and how do I configure it) or any changes to System Preferences Sharing settings?
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    Classic History

    I'm setting up my new Ti and have a pertinate question. It's set up with 10.2 and Classic. What is the easiest, quickets way to remove all of Classic from the system (trying to avoide having to reinstall)? You can assume I have admin rights. Thanks for your speedy replies.
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    Windoze to Mac

    It was working fine, it really was. I set up windose to mount a Mac drive by setting up the PC to have the same username and password that I use for my Mac. But now, all of a sudden, windose is back to assuming control and is back to bluntly (and defiantly, I might add) to telling me that the...
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    Mail: Why can't I do this anymore??

    I Used to be able to set up multiple email accounts in Mail from the Same domain. Now, whenever I try, I get the following message when trying to save the settings: The account path /Users/greghyde/Library/Mail/ is already being used by the account “BuyGone” You...
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    How do I keep locking myself out?

    Suddenly, over the last few days, I've been getting a Lot of the following type error messages wtih Mail. I ran Repair Permissions to no advail. Anyone know how (and why) I keep locking myself out?: The mailbox “~/Library/Mail/ Sent Messages.mbox” is currently...
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    Mac-Attack, What a Drag!

    Ok, what the H*ll is going on here. I just did a SW update for QT, iCal and iTunes. Now, NONE of my aliases will budge a centemeter. It's like they Frozen in concrete. Console reports the following: WindowServer[179]: CGXDisableUpdate: Updates disabled by connection 0x6e03 for over 1.000000...
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    Titanium Spec question

    Question: Does the Combo drive both play -and burn- CD's -and- DVD's? Is the Airport card the Only wireless card compatable with the Ti? When the time comes, where's a good place to sell a used Ti? Thanks :D
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    Are All Airport Cards Equal?

    Can someone tell me if all Airport cards are the same? (ie, have the advancements in airport cards been a matter of hardware improvements, or software updates)? Thanks Very Much for your quick replies. :)
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    What is the terminal command to unmount a volume? I've found that whenever my internet connection lapses, I lose access to my windows volume. And even if I eject the alias, it's still registers as mounted, which keeps me from remounting it so I can access it. Thank you.:D
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    The Bottom Dropped Out!!

    I can only remember dosing two things since the below issues last worked: Fit file permissions, and attempt to switch to another broadband service (with disconnected Every time as soon as I ended a call to techsuppot). Still, when I first reverted back to my old connection, at least both...
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    Newly released ICA client

    I installed the client today, but whenever I try to use it, I get a message saying the connection with <server> was broken. I'm on a home office LAN via a linksys router. The latest citrix Program Neighborhood is installed on the PC (win 98 SE). I've tried connecting via computer name, and IP...