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    10.4.1 server, dns setup??? NEED HELP !

    Hi, i had osx server 10.3.9, had 3 sites on it, everything was fine. tried to upgrade to 10..4, NO GO,,, so i clean installed 10.4 and added my sites back to it,, all was ok, site 1 worked, mail, and weblog, etc all was ok.. added site 2 and 3, no problem. left for the weekend, and monday, i...
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    I want to host a web site on my powerbook. HELP

    Hi i need help to find a way to set my domain to find my powerbook when someone requests my site.. i used to run my site on a linux pc, plugged into my dsl with a static ip, now i dont have that dsl anymore, i use a wireless connection from my store. so the goal is to have my site with me...
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    panther, on TIbook g4 500 rev a Kernal Panic !!! HELP !!!

    Hi i have a powerbook g4 500 rev a, with 512 meg ram, i am trying to install panther, and i get kernal panic. i tried internal drive, external, firewire cdrom, same thing. i read about upgrade firmware, but i can only find, version 4.1.8, and my system info sais i have rom version 4.1.8/5. can...