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    10.4.1 server, dns setup??? NEED HELP !

    Got it, loll Sometimes you just have to hand tool it.. :)
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    10.4.1 server, dns setup??? NEED HELP !

    Hi, i had osx server 10.3.9, had 3 sites on it, everything was fine. tried to upgrade to 10..4, NO GO,,, so i clean installed 10.4 and added my sites back to it,, all was ok, site 1 worked, mail, and weblog, etc all was ok.. added site 2 and 3, no problem. left for the weekend, and monday, i...
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    DNS Server

    i have a domain, a static ip on a t1, and 10.3.3 on a DP 800 quicksilver. i would like to host my site on my mac, from the /library/webserver folder. i have my domain set to go to my Ip address. now what? thanx Quicksilver Dp 800 1.5 gig ram, 2 X 120 gig Hdd :D
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    What's up with system prices?

    I only think of one thing when i see the prices.. and that is not having to reboot every dam time i move a icon.. i never reboot, and that saves me so much time.. time + $ so figure it out
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    I want to host a web site on my powerbook. HELP

    Hi i need help to find a way to set my domain to find my powerbook when someone requests my site.. i used to run my site on a linux pc, plugged into my dsl with a static ip, now i dont have that dsl anymore, i use a wireless connection from my store. so the goal is to have my site with me...
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    Apple sightings on TV and movies?

    Hi this is my first New Thread here :D last night i was watching the Grammy Awards on tv, and there was an add shown for "". There was a girl using a IBOOK with the Apple Logo hidden by a sticker, the interface she was useing was OS /X and she was stealing...
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    panther, on TIbook g4 500 rev a Kernal Panic !!! HELP !!!

    all of the above. i have nothing attached to teh PB, i have only factory 512 ram it came with. if i boot off the cd or from the installer that makes me reboot, from the internal cd rom drive it freezes at the apple logo, after it boots. if i use the external firewire cd rom, it get further to...
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    panther, on TIbook g4 500 rev a Kernal Panic !!! HELP !!!

    I did zap the pram, like you say. still no luck, i am not too sure now what to do. think i might try a new hard drive. really upset with panther though. if my mac cant take it , its going for sale. GRRRR feels like i am playing with Windoze again. GRRRR, LOLL :mad:
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    panther, on TIbook g4 500 rev a Kernal Panic !!! HELP !!!

    Hi i have a powerbook g4 500 rev a, with 512 meg ram, i am trying to install panther, and i get kernal panic. i tried internal drive, external, firewire cdrom, same thing. i read about upgrade firmware, but i can only find, version 4.1.8, and my system info sais i have rom version 4.1.8/5. can...
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    Battery problem with my Powerbook

    ok thanx, the second link, answered the question, although maybe apple should just admit the battery meter is totally out of whack. , oh well, maybe a new pb will make me happy..
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    Battery problem with my Powerbook

    ya thats what it does, why i am trying to find out though is why, is my battery startign to go? still lasts long once it gets to 100, is it a firmware thing,?, there are so many stories, and ideas to try, nothing seems to work.. maybe its time for a new alubook 15
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    Battery problem with my Powerbook

    speaking of battery problems, i have the problem, that it will charge till 84% or so, then stop, and i have to unplug the ac, a few times to ge tit to continue, eventually i get it to full charge.. any ideas, anyone?
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    Battery problem with my Powerbook

    i think you will have to take it out and see if there is any dirt by the pins, i had that happen to me once.. blew on it and it was ok.. if not look around for how to reset the power management unit, i think it is,, " ctrl, cmd, shift, and pwr" while the computer is OFF. that might help .
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    disc "clean" utility...?

    I use MACjanitor, i fount it on versiontracker,, it runs all the scripts for me, great for the PowerBook.
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    Panther Features

    so where can i get a copy of this panther, ? i was not at WWDC, is there another way to get it?
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    Apple just doesn't get it.

    So Apple sais the G5 is the "worlds fastest desktop computer" what about AMD OPTERON, or HAMMER? those are 64 bit . opteron is out and available, to buy as a desktop pc. lets compare 64 to 64, ppc 970, vs, opteron. were the benchmarsk based on 32 bit apps, vs, the xeon32, or 64 bit against...
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    WWDC Keynote will be webcast...

    shouldnt apple be using their own x serve? does anyone use a xserve? i never never hear of any ..
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    9 June Security Update available now

    anyone have problems connecting to netowrk drives after this update? i get kernal panic after i try to connect, worked great before update.. GRRRRRRRRRRRR
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    Gentoo Offers PPC LiveCDs

    maybe try to re download the iso, ? i think the iso is 517 megs, if the iso is good i think you can mount it as a disk image and see inside it.
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    Gentoo Offers PPC LiveCDs

    i had to hold the c key on boot,. hope that helps,, and i burnt it with a nero on windoze sexPee, i dont have a cdrw in my pb500, i am looking to get one, either firewire or internal, any suggestions?