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    cannot open cwk in office

    Hi, all I am in trouble to use office 2004 to open some .cwk files that I created from appleworks. The only reason I need to open these files in office is that I have done a full re-intsall recently and I have found my appleworks is no longer installed and also have no idea where is the...
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    COPY files to DVD

    Hi, all I am a newbie in Mac so would like to know how you guys use it. Recently I am backuping up my movies to DVD, what I do is I insert a blank DVD and I drag the files (4G) to it in filder, I dont user iDVD or any buildin tools to copy it as it is download from my BT. I notice it...
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    OSX cannot shutdown restart or swicth user

    Hi, folks I have switched from PC half year ago and my experience with OSX is very good so far. One day I came back from work and my wife told me our imac G5 is freezing, I took a look and did a shutdown by holding on the power button. After that it stucked in a blue screen, and I did...