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    Mac OS X registration and privacy

    At the end of the more recent Mac OS X beta versions, the installer tries to send personal data over the internet. But what about privacy? Does the final version this too? And is it possible to disable it while having a permenent internet connection? (LAN) I don't like the idea my...
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    Bootmanagers for the Mac

    On my I-Mac I run OS X, OS 9 and I also want to install Linux and OpenBSD. When I want another operatingsystem, I have to select a different bootdisk or start Linux with a Linux loader. I have some PC\'s too. For them I\'ve written a small program that let me choose an OS directly after...
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    AppleWorks 6

    I've seen a screenshot of AppleWorks 6 running on Mac OS X . But when I start the installer of AppleWorks 6, Classic starts up. Is it possible to install AppleWorks 6 with Mac OS X ?
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    Connecting with AppleTalk

    I have a problem connecting to my other Macs in the network. When I enable Appletalk and choose the windows "Connect to server " with menu "go -> connect to server", and I choose "Local network", the computer will search forever without finding something. I have two Apple talk computers: 1...
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    Backspace at login-screen

    When you press backspace at the login-screen (the focus must not be at an input field) then the mousecursor dissapears. When moving the mouse, the mousecursor will re-appear. It's not needful, but I found it and like to share this easteregg/feature or what you want to call it, with the...