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    MacOS X CD won't boot on iBook

    Sorry... I was in a bad mood... Have you tried installing onto your iBook without the presence of MacOS 9 at all? Perhaps the mere presence of Swedish 9 on the same disk still causes problems. Also, I assume you have the latest firmware update installed... It runs like a champ on my...
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    OS X on Ibook

    Somewhere in the Docs for OS X Public Beta, it mentions that Airport support is not enabled, so good luck getting it to work... However, I will say that everything else (aside from not being able to tap the trackpad for clicking) does work fantastic on my iBook SE (first ed., 366MHz, 6GB HD...
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    MacOS X CD won't boot on iBook

    If you take a peek at the documentation that comes with OS X Public Beta (it can also be found on Apple's OS X support page), OS X Public Beta requires English, German or French Mac OS 9.0.4, with support for Japanese coming shortly. You have Swedish. It is not supported and Apple has already...