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    Missing Text Messages?

    I have an iPhone 4s from Verizon and a friend of mine has a Samsung Galaxy II from US Cellular. We frequently send texts and do not receive them, losing them in the network. Sometimes when I call him all he hears is static and all I hear is silence. I'm convinced that this is a network...
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    Video Saving Problem

    I have an iPhone 3GS verion 5.1 (9B176). Recently I have not been able to save videos that I receive through iMessage to my camera roll. I can view them on the messages app, but cannot save them to my phone itself. I hit the options arrow and the bottom left and the two options that come up...
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    Do I need a new wireless card?

    Hi! I've been running into problems with my internet/wifi reception lately. It has nothing to do with my network or router because other Macs and PCs function properly on it. Sometimes my Mac will randomly drop my wifi signal for no reason! I get perfect reception in the same room as the...
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    plugins for photoshop elements 9

    I just received Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 for Christmas. I've been playing around with it for a few days now, but I can't figure out how to install any plugins, particularly smart blur. So, how do I install a plugin?
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    Weak Airport?

    I've been having problems with my airport recently. It's been dropping my wifi signal a lot even though I'm well in range of my router. It works normally (and quite well, actually) when my macbook in the same room as my router. How can I fix this?? Even my iPhone gets perfect wifi where my...
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    Are there Mac drivers from Panasonic??

    Hi I've got an old PV-GS15 camcorder from Panasonic and I'm trying to import the video from the camera to my macbook. The SD card connection works fine, so I can import pics into iPhoto, but I don't know how to make iMovie recognize the DV. It works with a PC but not a mac. The installation...
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    Mac Drivers from Cables to Go?

    I recently bought a Cables to Go DB9 Adapter to connect my ancient Sony Handicam to my Macbook. The problem is that the disk that came with the cable only had the PC drivers, and no make ones. I already checked on the Cables to Go website, and they don't have any Mac drivers. Is there any way...
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    Bad Internet Connection?

    Okay, so, over the past 2 days my mac (snow leopard) will connect to the internet and work at normal speed after I turn it on or wake it up, but only for about two or three minutes. After that, the internet is either extremely slow or will not stay connected. It sometimes has a blank page with...
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    VLC Player Cannot Open Encoder

    Hi, I've been trying to convert some .avi movie files to mp4 ones so I can put them on my iPod nano. I use VLC Player to do this all the time and now the app says it can't open the encoded after I've gone thought the process of selecting what to encode the file to. I click "Finish," and a new...
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    Snow Leapard Internet Connection Problems

    Hi, I've just upgraded to the new Snow Leapard 10.6.5 and I haven't been able to get internet since. I had to set up the TCP/IP manually because the self-assigned ip address wouldn't let me connect to my router. My mac says it's connected to my private network but there's no internet...
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    Converting .vob to .mp4

    Okay, so I've been converting .vob files from various DVD's to .mp4 files to they are compatible with iTunes and iPod using Kigo Video Converter (KVC). After the application has finished encoding, it can play in KVC but not in iTunes OR Quicktime. When I try to open the files in Quicktime, I...