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    Java User Agent Spoofing!!????

    Ok I have been looking into this lately, and can't seem to figure it out. Is there a way to spoof your java user agent. I am trying to view movie content on but can't seem to do so unless I spoof my browser user agent, and dissable java, then disect the various java code wrapping to find...
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    Imovie 5 Sound?

    Hello I have imovie 5.0.x (latest versions of everything) QT 7.02. and I have noticed all of a sudden during playback (preview) of my imovie , it stutters out. I have found that removing the audio tracks entirely will fix the issue. however I then need my audio, any suggestions or klnown bugs...
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    Imovie 4

    I have a imovie project going, using a secondary Firewire HD, and my playback all of a sudden now studders. I have had success with the external drive b4, this is a "all a sudden" development. I have a G4 with 1gig Ram, Tiger, and Quicktime version 7pro. Any thoughts?
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    Itunes Printing..

    I have a huge list of iTunes songs I would like to print out, but I want the number to the verrry left of the songs to print out as well, what is that number and how do I print it. I am not talking about Track number, it's a labeless section, with just number orders in it. Let me know if you...
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    Iphoto 5 Burning

    I am getting a burn error, cd device not ready etc... other programs like toast burn no problem, any suggestions?
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    Iphoto 5

    I loved the fact that iphoto 4 had all your albums aliased in a folder in the iphoto library folder. It made it easy for me to access those pictures from other apps and whithin the finder. Now with iphoto 5 this is gone. Can some-body tell me how to get a aliassed link of all my photo albums back?