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    New PB freezes randomly

    OK, I guess I'll have to remove the Kingston stick; I was hoping to avoid that. Running 'memtest' at the moment, no apparent problems after the first cycle. Thanks for the input!
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    New PB freezes randomly

    Upon addition (it's been running smoothly for about three weeks using the factory installed memory) of a 1GB memory stick (Kingston, 2 GB total) my (latest revision) PB 15, 1.67, 10.4.3 occasionally freezes. The only way to get it back is to restart using the power button. PRAM and NVRAM reset...
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    DVD player wont read DVD

    The movie Mansfield Park plays fine on a regular (non-computer) dvd-player but the disc is not even recognised on my PB 15 from 2004, or my DP G5. Upon insertion of the dvd the DVD Player starts up and then nothing happens. Hitting the play button only gives the message "Supported Disc Not...
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    Is there a USB Wireless adapter for my G4 PowerMac

    Incubus, I've been using the D-link DWL-122 with a B&W G3 running 10.3.8(?9) and also a Mac mini running 10.4.2. No problems (other than the icon in the system preferences looking really bad), provided that the latest driver is used. Also 10.4 and 10.4.1 developed(!) kernel panics after a while.
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    Modem does not disconnect

    Hello, If my dial-up connection isn't disconnected manually, it will stay on for ever, even though the "Disconnect when idle for 10 mins" box is checked. Also, the box "Connect automatically when needed" is left unchecked. Mac mini, 10.4.2. Any suggestions?/Zob