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  1. Otap_X_Caasi

    Mac OSX upgrade

    I don't think the upgrade will be here until september
  2. Otap_X_Caasi

    OS X.2 some new stuff not mentioned

    Tinker tool allows you to move the dock around. It's a freeware application. You can find it at
  3. Otap_X_Caasi

    Windows XP theme for OSX...

    Can you undo this? Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  4. Otap_X_Caasi

    OS 10.1 STILL slow

    After I partitioned my disk and installed 10.1 on my disk right over 10.0 10.1 has been so fast I can't beleve it.:D
  5. Otap_X_Caasi

    My iMac can't read it's hard drive :mad:

    Fsck now works I guess it was a one time bug.:D
  6. Otap_X_Caasi

    My iMac can't read it's hard drive :mad:

    The Mac OS X installer fixed it.:D
  7. Otap_X_Caasi

    My iMac can't read it's hard drive :mad:

    The Mac OS X installer finds the hard disk!!:D
  8. Otap_X_Caasi

    My iMac can't read it's hard drive :mad:

    I had been having trouble with the hard drive two days ago so I fsck ed it. Then I tryed to boot OS 9 and I didn't like the hard drive. I think it is possible when OS X 10.1 fsck ed it it mad the drive only readible to Mac OS X. I naver had this problem with OS X 10.0.x I think it is an OS X...
  9. Otap_X_Caasi

    My iMac can't read it's hard drive :mad:

    Help My iMac can't read it's hard drive! :( I have zapped the PRAM and I have booted from a CD. But when the CD boots it asks me to inatlize the hard drive.:confused: I have important files on it and they can't be deleted. :( HELP HELP HELP
  10. Otap_X_Caasi

    Stupid CD Tray Tricks

    I love tray races LOL.:D
  11. Otap_X_Caasi

    [HOWTO] - Add new user dependent preference panes

    To add new preferences to system preferences or move a preference so only one user can use it. 1) Decide which users of your computer should use the/your preference: a) you want to use the tool with your own user account only b) the tool should be available to all users of this computer...
  12. Otap_X_Caasi

    really slow (5 minutes) logout

    I ran fsck and it worked normally.
  13. Otap_X_Caasi

    Microsoft Word X problems

    Whenever I type to the end of the page in Microsoft Word X my wrighting disappears!:mad: What is Going on :confused:
  14. Otap_X_Caasi

    Photoshop 7b1 beta is here!

    Hehehe:D I can't wait!:D
  15. Otap_X_Caasi

    Help my APS tech CD burner won't work with OS X 10.1

    When I insert a CD into my CD burner OS X asks me to intalize. I say yes it seams to work. After I am done putting items in my CD I tell it to burn and then the finder freezes. Any idea how to fix this.:( It Works in itunes at least.:)
  16. Otap_X_Caasi

    Why isn't there right-click in OS X yet?

    I have a kensington mouse. My right ckick works and my scroll works in all native OS X applications.
  17. Otap_X_Caasi


    Or you can boot from your os x cd and select change password from the installer menu. Click on root type the new password. Then re-boot into OS X and log in as your user go to system prefrences/users select login window. Select the option automaticaly login. Type root and its new password and...
  18. Otap_X_Caasi

    New Mac OS Y out soon…

    Where Did you hear about Mac OS Y I can't wait :D