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    Is this Video A Hoax? Sony Vaio dual boots Tiger and XP!

    That's the real deal. A coworker of mine installed Tiger on his PC. He said it was totally easy and had great performance.
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    So... when do the 3ghz G5s arrive?

    That's entirely up to IBM's ability to deliver such a thing. Turns out that the process (.13micron?) has been quite the stumbling block for all in the industry, not just IBM. As soon as they figure how to deliver in sufficient yields, Apple will get to use them. of course, I don't know why...
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    Can I change the Label colors?

    thanks for the reply. I've read the article and am now thinking that it's just not worth risking my OS that way. hm. I wonder if a theme program could affect that...
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    Can I change the Label colors?

    Okay, I enjoy the fact that Mac OS X 10.3.x allows me to have folder colors, but I never, ever use them because the colors are too bright, too gaudy, too flippin' in-your-face, too don't-you-wish-they-had-someone-who-understood-subtlety-working-in-the-UI-group? So, is there a way to customize...
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    Preview Safari plugin?

    The company that my wife works for, their product utilizes the PDF form in the browser functionality. It works for 90% of their customers -- the remaining bit is Mac and those customers can't properly access their online systems as a result. If Adobe would just get off their butts and port...
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    Dual 1.42 GHz G4 better than Single 1.8 GHz G5?

    The G5 is, essentially, just a faster G4 processor. Being 64-bit doesn't make the machine process faster. All it allows you to do is address more memory and be able to compute larger numbers. So a Dual 1.4GHz machine would obviously be faster than a 1.8GHz single processor. Now, if...
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    my photoshop doesn't work

    I installed Panther on a separate drive and the copy of photoshop on my other drive refuses to work "necessary files missing" or somesuch. So i reinstalled panther onto my new panther drive and it complains that I don't have necessary permissions and photoshop must now quit. dang it!
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    new iPod on-the-go playlists are USELESS!!!

    well, the way that the standard works for putting song info into the track is that there is a single field for the Genre. it was never intended to have more than one entry. however, you can make a duplicate of the track and assign it to another genre-- give it a different equalizer setting...
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    Jobs' surprize

    from what I understand, Apple subsidised all of the clones. So, for every power computing machine developed, Apple not only lost a sale but they helped pay for the machine that the sale was lost to. that's a losing deal.
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    Cover Art

    of course it would be nice to get the liner notes -- be sure that it'll happen one day, but first those that CREATE liner notes have to make them available in a format that online services can use. besides -- many (most?) CDs don't have lyrics, but are art pieces instead.
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    iPod 2 Speculation

    actually, bluetooth headphones and headsets already exist -- in fact, they've been around for a couple of years.
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    Airport Extreme

    the card itself is completely different from the old 802.11b version. as a result the card itself is not compatible with the older products. If you want to communicate at 54Mbs you'll need new hardware (new powerbook and new base station). sad, but true.
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    I had a dream, hem, nightmare

    did you know that you can get sewing machines with Windows XP installed? (for patterns, I assume). I do not lie. what would the world be like if a version of Mac OS X were imbedable into devices such as that?
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    Something big at MWSF?!

    Macworld San Francisco is always the first full week after New Years Day. So this year it's from January 6-January 10.
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    IBM gives vision for future Macs

    It's a funny thing, all the rumor sites are reporting that the chips will either be available late next year, but the Press Release only states that they'll be available next year -- no general time is given. Unless I miss my guess, "available next year" could be as soon as January, 2003--...
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    Permissions Trauma In Jaguar

    I work in a PC/Mac production environment for a graphic design company and we use Windows 2000 Advanced Server (or whatever it's called) for our file server, web server, etc. Ever since upgrading our Macs to Mac OS X 10.2.x any mac user that creates a directory on the Win file server takes...
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    Apple: Webbriddle on

    This is decidedly weird: I went back to the URL that I specified (not sure how the 's' got in) but with the Chimera browser and a warning came up stating something along the lines of "this site isn't who they say they are. the site may have been hijacked" or somesuch. but then it took me to the...
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    Apple: Webbriddle on

    well, the 'backwards' message said to take the anniversary date and add .com to it. I went to the earlier image which had the data 09 - 06 - 90 on it and so I put in the URL: and it came up with a Web Design Firm. go figure.
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    Chimera 0.5 is out!

    they switched it to the mozilla standard command-[ and command-] for forward and back.
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    Returning An Ipod For Refund

    I bought a car and then they came out with a new model! dammit! it looks better, has more features and costs a little less than what I paid for the old model! I want a refund! or how about: I just eat this freakin great meal at the restaurant and now all i've got to show for it is a big...