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    Can I change the Label colors?

    Okay, I enjoy the fact that Mac OS X 10.3.x allows me to have folder colors, but I never, ever use them because the colors are too bright, too gaudy, too flippin' in-your-face, too don't-you-wish-they-had-someone-who-understood-subtlety-working-in-the-UI-group? So, is there a way to customize...
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    my photoshop doesn't work

    I installed Panther on a separate drive and the copy of photoshop on my other drive refuses to work "necessary files missing" or somesuch. So i reinstalled panther onto my new panther drive and it complains that I don't have necessary permissions and photoshop must now quit. dang it!
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    Permissions Trauma In Jaguar

    I work in a PC/Mac production environment for a graphic design company and we use Windows 2000 Advanced Server (or whatever it's called) for our file server, web server, etc. Ever since upgrading our Macs to Mac OS X 10.2.x any mac user that creates a directory on the Win file server takes...
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    How To: Rearrange Menubar Items

    okay, maybe you already know this but.. I stumbled onto this just this morning: If you hold down the Command key and then click-drag items in the Menubar (Date, Displays, Volume, etc.) you can rearrange their order -- and the items shuffle around like they do in the Dock and Shelf. Spiffy :D
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    System Hangs on launching applications

    I've been having a serious issue with Mac OS X 10.1.1 where applications don't complete their launching process. They get only so far and then crap out with the Spinning Rainbow of Death. Affects most, but not all applications. ICQ, Dave, and others simply won't launch successfully. Rebooting...
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    How Do I Uninstall Mac OS X?

    I had a copy of the Macworld Preview Release of 10.1 on a Mac here in the office (legally obtained from Apple for some screenshots for a project) and when I attempted to install the final version of Mac OS X 10.1 (updater) today it said that that there wasn't a copy of 10 to update. "Okay," I...
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    Broken Folder at startup and unblessable 9

    Selected X from the Startup Disk in 9.1 and restarted the machine. On boot I got a *broken* system folder icon. I held down the Option key at startup and chose the only available option (X) but when it comes up with the broken system folder too. Used the 9.1 CD to reset the Startup Disk back...
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    unable to connect to machine

    despite everything that i try, i don't seem to be able to connect to my machine remotely. I turned on File Sharing, the Web server, FTP, and Terminal access. I even made sure that the sleep setting was set to "never" and set the screensaver to run to ensure that the processor stayed active...
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    Users and Groups?

    Okay, I'm looking high and low for how to add a group to my sharing and can't find it. I need to set my 'public' folder up so that only a certain group has access and I can't figure out how to do such a thing. as part of the OS X install it asked me for a Group (let's call it Staff), but...
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    3rd Party RAM

    Since Mac OS X seems to be especially picky about 3rd-party RAM upgrades (mix-matched RAM is the worst, I hear) I was wondering who has upgraded their RAM and had success with it under X? These are the RAM 'brands' that I know of: RamJet Kingston Toshiba 'Apple' I want to upgrade my...
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    Mac OS X Annoucement

    Apple officially announced the impending release of Mac OS X this weekend. In the press release was this little tidbit: Yes! Finally the ability to hear my music! Whoohoo!
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    Deep Fried Mac.. with cheese

    I decided that with the upcoming release of X that I would back everything up to a local server and reformat and partition the drive. After all, the machine had been in a really bad state since I installed PB -- it seemed the right thing to do. Unfortunately, while listening to iTunes and...
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    New 'Poof' for the Dock

    when you remove a document/application from the Dock a short animation of your item dissapearing in a cloud of smoke occurs... I've noticed that, with a little bit of work, this animation is replaceable. Introducing my new Poof! ( I call it Zing )...
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    "New" things in Ten Ten

    From the C|Net article: That had darn-well be user defined -- I've been waiting YEARS to get rid of all the stupid spawning windows. If it's not user configurable, I'm going to be writing one hell of a nasty email to somebody. Notice the phrasing "streamlined feature" in the above...
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    Mac OS X has gone GOLD

    Read it on iWon:
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    Multiple Docks?

    I was wondering if any of you might know if it's possible to have multiple Docks or if there is a way to create "tabs" for the Dock. In OS 9x I use Drag Strip with all my most common tasks set up within four tabs: Applications, Internet (browsers, email, editors, etc), Games, Servers...
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    Bryce 4.4.1 (beta)

    Noticed on the Apple site that there was a link to Corel's newly released beta of Bryce 4.1.1 for Mac OS X Public Beta -- despite certain bugs, the thing runs pretty well! Two issues though: 1. The only place I could get the installer to, uh, install was in my User/Documents folder -- it...
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    Startup Disk control panel crashes

    help! I booted up into OS X and then went to the system controls window to set my OS preference back to 9. when i clicked on the Startup Disk icon, the machine locked up completely. I rebooted and tried again several time, but it did the same thing each time. I rebooted with Extensions...