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  1. philippe99

    Ipod syncing

    Modern iPod (Nano3rdG, Classic, Shuffle) requiers 10.4.9, aka Tiger + iTunes 7.6 See full chart of compatibility: Regards Phil
  2. philippe99

    mp3 splitter

    Audacity ( will do it also.
  3. philippe99

    Address Book

    Hi and welcome to macosx;com forums read this Apple page: to know how to backup Apple's application data In your case, under the ADB's File menu, you have a Backup/restore items to do the job Regards Phil
  4. philippe99

    Corrupted mp3 file

    Automatically correct the tracks ? I don't think so. But what I would do.. for each individual "bad" track (1) Import it in iTunes (2) drag-drop it to Garageband (3) use GB to repair it (lowering/cutting the glitch, ...) (4) re-export it from GB to iTunes (see GB's inline help for his)...
  5. philippe99

    Problem with my new Imac

    Hi. I would you use the Hardware Test module (enclosed in your OS DVD you receive withe he machine; see this apple kb article ) and performs the whole bunch of tests to see if something going wrong. Possible culprits are a defective ram board or a defective hard drive.
  6. philippe99

    burned DVD won't play

    I cannot proof that your manual method is not good but i fear that it does not respect the UDF format of the DVD to be playable; your one "by copy" is a simple "data" DVD I use this method which uses a disk image as an intermediate step and which never fails on my SuperDrive...
  7. philippe99

    Recovering Data from a FAT32 HD on a Mac

    Strange. I have a FAT32's formatted 80G Maxtor I daily use to echange files (files, movies, MP3s) between my home 10.4.10 Imac and my office machines.. without any problem... mounts fine on Tiger/Panther and Win2000/XP machines Are you sure your drive is a FAT32 formatted one ? .. not a NTFS...
  8. philippe99

    10.5.2 mail won't load

    Speedmail ( does the "sqlite3.." Terminal trick through a simple one pane GUI
  9. philippe99

    Please help me!! Shared Library Error/CarbonLib

    Alex, welcome on Try this. Download from Apple site the COMBO update corresponding to the system you're currently running, in your case the 10.3.9 Combo Re-install over your running 10.3.9 The Combo allows someone jumps from any 10.3.x system to any 10.3.y (where y>x), while the...
  10. philippe99

    Iphoto 7.1.2 - Topics and print ??

    Tiburn, J'ai trouvé ce topic sur un sujet comparable dans les forums de discussion Apple: Si cette modeste contribution peut t'aider. Phil
  11. philippe99

    copying iphoto albums/folders

    (*) In Toast > Video-CD, open MediaBrowser(CTRL-S); select "Photos" for 1st scrool-down menu, than "All Albums" for the second; drag album(s) to the ToastWindow; one dragged album= one entry in the DVD menu on the lower left part of Toast's window, select the menu's type (and attributes) you...
  12. philippe99

    iTunes automatically launching

    Hi jwennet Do you have an application (perhaps started at logon) in background which tries to launch iTunes, application which can be incompatible with the new update ? A widget, you know the ones which displays the current running song (or the ones that can control iTunes) and which appears to...
  13. philippe99

    Lost all info on Mac :(

    Hi slacker and welcome to Did you, by mistake, change the name of your Home folder, i.e. the name of your little house icon which appears in a Finder's window left pane ? If yes, this may help you Regards Philippe
  14. philippe99

    music files

    Hi Audacity: Switch: Max: Phil
  15. philippe99

    Apple DVD Player not functioning

    Hi and welcome on forums What do you mean by "cease to function" ? Does it start but cannot play a movie ? Does it bounce in the Dock, then refuses to open ? If yes, which kind of movie cannot be played ? A DVD ? A downloaded (.avi/..) movie ? All the DVDs/movies or some of them ...
  16. philippe99

    Slow Tiger

    Ok. Could you test again after having disconnect any devices, including Web access modems/routers Yes, you, the imac, the kb and the mouse. That's all. Take time to perform the test and post back. By the way, what about the suggestion of using caches cleaning tools ? Phil
  17. philippe99

    Automating photo-imports

    Tigrr, can this Automator freeware help you ? Regards Phil
  18. philippe99

    install OSX on ibook M6411 (?)

    Hi and welcome to I would say yes.... (1) before upgrading the OS, please check and upgrade your firmware (if needed) while still on 9.x (2) You can have OS 9 and OSX on the same drive. But in this case I would update your 9.X to...
  19. philippe99

    iTunes CD Burning Dilemma!

    One CD... no...: even a 80' min CD is not enough.. iTunes limitation... I already made the test Several CDs, why not.. by manually checking/unchecking some of the songs of Daft's list and burning the checked songs on several separate Cds; in your case, two Cds. One DVD, yes ... but to be...
  20. philippe99

    HELP! Mini CD Stuck in Powerbook

    Hi and welcome to forums. May I suggest you this Apple forums thread which discuss about this problem and ways to get rid of: from shaking the PB up to using a Scotch tape Phil