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    Lucent Wireless LAN

    Anybody know of a wireless LAN solution for OS X powerbook owners with Lucent cards? Lucent makes a driver for OS 9 but there is no mention of an OS X version in development. TIA - john.
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    porting Carbon, quartz and Aqua on x86

    Apple's failure and Microsoft's domination is a testiment to the reality that there is little money to be made in hardware - look at all the computer makers - their stocks aren't performing very well at present. A company's sole mission is to make money for the stockholders; history tells...
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    Slow resizing...

    Anyone find that when resizing the Finder window it's very slow - like 1 frame per second? I have a 300MHz Wallst Powerbook with 128Megs of RAM. - john.
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    DHCP... not!

    DHCP will not work in my OS X because I have to put in the cleint I.D. in order to connect to the DHCP server. When I choose DHCP all I get is bogus numbers that are so far from the correct domains I know something is not right. I've been told by @home (Cable Co) that my IP never changes so I...
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    Start up disk issue with OS 9

    Thanks - I just figured that out.... - john.
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    Applications not Visible under OS X & Network Trouble

    I've seen the finder not display stuff too - it seems to be an established bug that Apple is likely aware of. - john.
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    Screen redraw problems

    When changing the name of a file on the desktop the OS doesn't redraw correctly and leaves a funny white area where text used to be? - john.
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    Finder not refreshing.

    Anyone figure out how to get the finder to display a file just downloaded? I downloaded Omniweb into my desktop folder and it wasn't there. So I searched for it and Sherlok confirmed that it was in my desktop folder. Only when I opened the file from within Sherlok did the Finder finally get its...
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    Start up disk issue with OS 9

    Is there an easy way to get OS 9 to recognise a partition with OS 10 installed as a bootable entity? I'm getting sick of booting from the damn OS 10 disk to switch the start up disk. - john
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    DHCP... not!

    Why is there no DHCP Client ID feild in the TCP/IP control panel? How the heck are you supposed to use DHCP without entering the client I.D.? - john.