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  1. endian

    net.nostalgia sigh.. i remember gopher
  2. endian

    mac osx filename extension guidelines

    direct from the horses mouth:
  3. endian

    multitab mozilla looks windozish, but could be helpful. don't think it works on mac though
  4. endian

    java definition

    heheh found this at OK it's 5:30 and i've done zero work today. I'm going to fix my table view, eat, tthen pay for my auctions. That's the plan lieutenant!
  5. endian

    Apple no longer selling OS9? just points to the OSX page.
  6. endian

    "The World Wide Web was developed using Apple technology. Think Different."

    How's that sound for an Apple ad? Entirely true also; I think theres an article on the site where Berners-Lee where he talks about how the only way he would have been able to develop http/html/ al was using the NeXT developer tools, since he was a physicist, not a...
  7. endian

    uhhhhhh this is a joke right? I'm assuming that price is 1,295 and not 12.95? I got an Apple IIe that's missing the keyboard I'll let it go for $500.. anyone interested?
  8. endian

    OmniWeb roadmap

    For anyone that's interested:
  9. endian

    Vader's kb

    I just found the wickedest looking keyboard I've ever seen - I just bought one; I *HAD* to have it! "The graphite color is extremely rich looking, stays clean and blends with most work environments".. sounds like the perfect girlfriend. It's got 2...
  10. endian

    9.2.1 is out

    If anyone cares, 9.2.1 is out on VersionTracker
  11. endian

    session transcript - LOL

    THE CREATION In the beginning there was the computer. And God said c:\>Let there be light! Enter user id. c:\>God Enter password. c:\>Omniscient Password incorrect. Try again. c:\>Omnipotent Password incorrect. Try again. c:\>Technocrat And God logged on at 12:01:00 AM, Sunday...
  12. endian

    selling shareware article it's been around for awhile, but i was going through some old bookmark files & thought i'd post it. why the hell not.:o
  13. endian

    diggit this thing is frakin awesome... i'll never use another screensaver. unless someone ports that farting santa claus pickle from after dark.
  14. endian

    i love this stuff... builds great for OSX.. just cd to the directory where you unpacked it & type make
  15. endian

    UNIX Family Tree damn what a mess
  16. endian

    spit my coffee out! goddamn that guy's hilarious
  17. endian

    Bizarre Unimplemented (?) Cocoa Help

    Press the Help key while in a Cocoa app. The mouse pointer turns into a question mark, but whenever you click on anything it just beeps. Hmm.
  18. endian

    The Sentry for OSX

    does anyone else think that someone should do a OpenGL version of Firebird's old The Sentry game for OSX?
  19. endian

    billy's bench ROFL
  20. endian

    console on your desktop

    hey check it out - it's keen! you have to make a new log and tell it what to watch before it'll do anything though.