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    dumb VPN question

    OK, I've received my username and password, I downloaded Piepants and used that to VPN into another office. Now, how do I browse the server to look for files? I must be missing some really fundamental idea here. I checked the Finder help messages for a network browser and it says to use the...
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    Progress with OmniWeb?

    Does anyone know how things are going with OmniWeb? I'm now using the 4.1b version and am looking forward to the full release of 4.1. Is there a place on these boards that tracks OW? thanks
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    Bring back Type and Creator codes

    One big frustration in OS X is the loss of Type and Creator codes. It seems you can optionally attach them but the OS doesn't use them. This is a great feature. I use it a lot. In OS 9 I have various Apple Scripts to control these codes as I need to. On the other hand, the use of extensions...
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    speed of connecting on a local network

    Just curious. Does anyone know why it takes so long to connect from OS X to another computer? If I connect to an OS X computer from OS 9 it goes quickly. If I connect from X to either X or 9 I get a spinning cursor for 60s or so till the dialogs appear. After that things are normal. Is this the...