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  1. iconara

    Undeletable files with strange names

    Hello, I have an annoying problem. I have a file with strange characters in the filename that can't be deleted. When I downloaded files from an ftp-server whose names contained characters like å, ä, ö (common in Sweden). Now all files containing such a character got a strange name (which is...
  2. iconara

    Opensource vs. Safari

    So Apple has released a web browser. And a fast one. Great. And it's opensource? Great! But wait a second. Something seems not really right here. Aha. Safari is NOT open source. But two of the frameworks it links to are... that's nice. But not that nice. Both WebCore and JavaScriptCore are...
  3. iconara

    Compiling CenterICQ

    I have a hard time installing CenterICQ (, which is said to compile on Mac OS X. For me, however, it doesn't... The latest version is 4.8.7, it requires ncurses (installed in jaguar), libsigc++ 1.0 (which finally compiled...) and glib (found on Now why...
  4. iconara

    XML-DOM in Objective-C

    Is anyone interested in a XML Document Object Model framework written in Objective-C? It was inspired largely by JDOM ( I wrote it for my own curiosity, but I think it could be of use. There seems to be a lack of this for Cocoa, there are a few for C++, but none for ObjC, what I...
  5. iconara

    indesign file endings

    I'm curious: what is the file ending of an indesign document? indesign doesn't seem to save files in the native indesign-format with file extensions on... could it be ".ind"? or would that be too simple? theo
  6. iconara

    CoreFoundation => Foundation

    I have a CFDictionaryRef and want to make a NSDictionary out of it. Any suggestions on how to do it? The manual way is a possibility, but I rather have a nice little method somewhere, like +dictionaryWithCFDictionayRef: ... both the CoreFoundation and Foundation documentation seems to avoid this...
  7. iconara

    objective-c query

    - (void) setName: (NSString *)newName { [name release]; name = [newName retain]; } ok, that's just fine, but what if i want to name my argument "name" instead of "newName". please rewrite the method if the first line looks like this: - (void) setName: (NSString *)name...
  8. iconara


    Ever since I started programming, I have loved the language JavaScript. It was one of the first languages that I learned and the one that I, besides Java, has used the most. With it's prototype-based inheritance and object-functions it's just the most flexible thing there is. I have just...
  9. iconara

    GUI-less Cocoa

    I want to commit a heresy. I want to create a GUI-less Cocoa application. I have heard rumors about what one must do to make this work. CocoaDevCentral tells me that I can't really make use of Foundation, but must rely on CoreFoundation, which seems not as sexy. I have however gotten the code...
  10. iconara

    memory management revisited

    <tt> NSString *str; str = [[NSString alloc] initWithString:@"string"]; str = [[NSString alloc] initWithString:@"string again"]; [str release]; </tt> Does this create a memory leak? Should the variable <tt>str</tt> have been released beetween the allocations? I Think it...
  11. iconara

    dropping files on apps

    I want to be able to drop a file onto my cocoa-app and get a event telling me theUserDroppedAFileOrFolderOnThisApp:(id)sender how? theo
  12. iconara

    Working with strings in Obj-C and Cocoa

    Coming from Java, Obj-C/Cocoa seems to lack good support for working with strings, is this true or am I missing something? What I want to do is assemble this input: <blockquote> <tt> 2620<br> 0K .......... .......... ..<br> ........ .......... ...<br> ....... 77%<br> @ 6.9<br> 8...
  13. iconara

    List the contents of a Java package

    I have a package of classes in Java which is called "". I would like to get a listing of the classes that it contains, from within a Java program, much like I can get a listing when running JavaBrowser. The package contains commands that act as extensions which...
  14. iconara


    [localhost:~] theo% cat /etc/afpovertcp.cfg # # /etc/afpovertcp.cfg is used to set the system-wide AFP defaults # for the LibcAT AppleTalk library. # # Copyright 1998 Apple Computer, Inc. # # If this file exists, TCP/IP will be used as the default transport # protocol for AFP...
  15. iconara

    No tilde (~) in terminal

    I have a swedish keyboard and a problem: in the terminal it is not possible to write a tilde (~). The tilde is very useful since it represents the home directory (cd ~/Documents means go to the documents dir in my home dir, saves a lot of typing). Does this apply to all keyboards or just...
  16. iconara

    The Java Bridge

    The documentation from Apple concerning the Java Bridge is all but satisfactory - it is even faulty; so I started this thread to get the discussion going. I wish to know how to make the most out of the Java Bridge. I realised how lacking the documentation is on this point when I tried to...
  17. iconara

    DVD ripping and DivX/3ivX

    3ivX has been released as a delta 3-version for Mac OS X, it only supports playback as of now, but there will probably be a encoder out soon. ( I have looked for DVD ripping utilities for Mac OS X, but found none. Even though X does not support DVD-playback it should be possible...
  18. iconara

    File sharing problems

    My X-box keeps shutting down the file sharing. I start it, then a couple of hours later it switches off silently, often I don't notice until I try to connect to it (I use my X-box as a file-server at work, since my new computer (TiB) doesn't have that much hd-space). When file sharing has...
  19. iconara

    Start new discussion: OSX programming

    I would very much like to see a new discussion forum called something like "OS X Programming" The UNIX-forum was a really great thing, filtering out all the Terminal stuff to one location (easier to find - and you don't have to have General Discussion filled with it). Now there would be a good...
  20. iconara

    Porting OSX-apps to *NIX

    So. We all know that all of a sudden the available programs for the Mac rose about a thousand percent when OSXpb was released, all *NIX apps that have been ported and are waiting to be ported or get a new nice GUI. What about the *NIX world? What did they get? A new neighbour, true. But a...