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    Fs: 2x256 MB PC3200

    I bought my iMac G5 with 512MB of Ram and found out i have to upgrade to more ram. I will sell it for $40 with free shipping. thanks
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    FS: 17in ViewSonic "Viewpanel VE170m"

    Want to sell this 17in ViewSonic Monitor. It's Brand New....I won it at a local Computer Store and have no need for it. asking $475 with shipping. thanks for looking. G.M.
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    call another Mac? is it Possible??

    I want to set up a potato warehouse to monitor Temperature Humidity and all that good stuff. I can do all that with Labview. But the warehouse is 30 miles away and I want to call the mac somehow and use Remote Desktop to check all that. I have a phone line there and the Computer Connected to it...
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    Startup problem

    I have a 8600/200 with a external and internal HD. When I try to start it up the first time it does not start up, then I reboot by pressing the green button it starts up on one hard drive then when i am in the OS i restart and only then it shows both HD's?
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    "Piles" in 10.3????

    What do ya Think about this?;) Looks cool and Graphic intensive
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    How can I get rid of Pop and Crackle in a audio file??

    I'm putting some cassets on my hard drive via iMic. but the files have a awful pop and crackle?!? are there any programs for taking out the aggravation. thanks for anything.:)
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    MP3 Splitter?

    I have a 30 min MP3 that I would like to split up into 4 different MP3's something like mp3splitter for windows thax for any suggestions at all:)
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    Please Help!! .avi Problem

    Please help I have a .avi movie that plays fine in Quicktime 6.0.2 on my Powerbook but i put it on my quicksilver with the same system and the same version Quicktime and it says "Quicktime is missing software required to perform this operation. Unfortunately, it is not available on the...