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    Mac OS 10.1

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    Please Read!

    Hi I just wanted to comment and really push a certain idea that I do believe many are not taking part in. Mac OS X is new and great but like anything of it's kind it still needs some tweaks. Make sure to post your feedback with a thorough, detailed, and understandable explanation so Apple may...
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    Mac OS X-->Features-->Hardware Support

    HI I knew Apple would start supporting more hardware or at least gain back hardware. but anyway, I have a PowerBook G3 Lombard and I can use my brightness, sound, and other Function key controls again but I noticed some other stuff. On the new iBooks and Ti's I was jealous about the Eject key...
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    This is for anyone who is interested in the 10.0.x docklings that 10.1 removes!

    Hi If you need it yet I have uploaded a few of the older Docklings (.dock) to my web site's server. Under one codition you can download them You must look at my site It is kind of under construction again but you will get the jist I believe. If you care you are...
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    Now look what you can/should do on a Mac!

    Hi I just want to say why get a PC just look at what you can acomplish on a Mac. Really! And I believe all Mac users should strive for what they like to do and just go nuts. Really! Take it from this example. :D