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    Just registered/set up password. Now I can't log in.

    Starting up from the Original iBook CD or DVD (holding down the "C" key when restarting) should not give you a login window, the first window you see should be the language selector. after selecting a language you should be able to go to the utilities menu and change the password from there.
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    Slow Wireless on PowerBook fast on iBook

    I don't know if you've tried this but if you go under System Pref and Network, make sure that airport is at the top of the list in Network port Configurations. I know it helps for Me.
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    Fs: 2x256 MB PC3200

    I bought my iMac G5 with 512MB of Ram and found out i have to upgrade to more ram. I will sell it for $40 with free shipping. thanks
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    Superdrive not recognized/supported.

    No Problem Beener. Glad I could Help.
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    Superdrive not recognized/supported.

    Hey Octavarium I think I found that problem. There was a option when installing Toast that asks if you want to install a "contextual menu plugin" I went ahead and unchecked that option in Toast and restarted the Computer and now Finder burning works fine. :D
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    Superdrive not recognized/supported.

    I get the Same Error in Finder using a iMac G5 all Original Equipment in it. When trying to burn a CD in Finder, Using Tiger's New Burn CD Folder Option. Wonder What the problem could be?? I guess I'll have to call Applecare tomorrow. :(
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    FS: Two-button "The Mouse"

    I've got that same mouse for sale! Bought one and at the same time got a logitech and the extra buttons are really nice, so "The Mouse" is just sitting around, anyone with a decent offer gets it. if interested e-mail me carsluvme(at) thanks
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    FS: 17in ViewSonic "Viewpanel VE170m"

    Want to sell this 17in ViewSonic Monitor. It's Brand New....I won it at a local Computer Store and have no need for it. asking $475 with shipping. thanks for looking. G.M.
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    call another Mac? is it Possible??

    I'll try Timbukto. Not sure how that works.
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    call another Mac? is it Possible??

    I want to set up a potato warehouse to monitor Temperature Humidity and all that good stuff. I can do all that with Labview. But the warehouse is 30 miles away and I want to call the mac somehow and use Remote Desktop to check all that. I have a phone line there and the Computer Connected to it...
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    WWDC Keynote Broadcast?

    Only problem for me is that my closest Apple store is 2 hours away:p Lucky You I live 5 hours from the nearest Apple store,:( :(
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    iTrip Revision??

    Not going to see them any time soon 6 to 8 weeks before they have em. :(
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    Biiig contest! Test ur Mac NOW!

    :D 115 APPS open The Computer seemed sluggish?? 867Mhz Quicksilver 1152MB Ram iTunes Did not stutter, what a App!!!!
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    MSNBC review of iTunes Store

    Take it from who it is MSNBC:( :( :( what a bunch of crap
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    so i wonder what will happen to the iTrip now?

    I ordered a iTrip and my new 30GIG iPod at the same time only later learning that it has different connectors at the top. so i called griffin to cancel my order and the guy said they were working on a iTrip for the new iPod with the same design as the old one so i just swiched my order from the...
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    Messed up help centre

    I have the same problem too. but only when Airport is on, when I turn Airport off it works just fine. But my Help app is soooooo slow:(
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    What is this file?

    not a good idea to delete those files OS X needs them. I tried that already and OS X gives some kind of error. then you hafta go on the web and look for the Apple care document and startup in single user mode and enter a bunch of commands.;)
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    Startup problem

    I have a 8600/200 with a external and internal HD. When I try to start it up the first time it does not start up, then I reboot by pressing the green button it starts up on one hard drive then when i am in the OS i restart and only then it shows both HD's?
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    "Piles" in 10.3????

    What do ya Think about this?;) Looks cool and Graphic intensive