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    sync iPhone to 2 macs ?

    Hi there, I've had a MacBook Pro for a while and had been syncing my iPhone to it, and just got an iMac. I'd like to start syncing to the iMac (as well) so that I can have copies of all my stuff on all 3 devices. Is this possible? AppleCare tech support says "no" but I don't see why it...
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    Mail / can I force the order of SMTP servers used ????

    Hi there, I have one smtp server setup for work, and another for home, but a few others for different email accounts. I'm always running into the problem of an outbound email stalling because Mail doesn't know which smtp server to go to if the first one fails. Is there a way to handle...
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    Use Old iMac as an External Monitor ?

    Hi there, Is it possible to use an iMac (g4) that has a broken hard drive as an external monitor for another computer ?
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    Need some expert advice-- want to make documents EXPIRE...

    Hi there, I am doing a project in which I'm circulating some sensitive material via PDF files. Ideally, I'd love it if the PDF file could expire so that the sensitive material wasn't hanging out on people's computers forever. (the material isn't life or death sensitive-- but it would be...
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    Mac Software that monitors modifications to a volume?

    Hi there, I'm setting up a shared volume which several people (Mac and PC users) will access. I'd love it if certain people could be notified by email when a folder on that volume is modified, like so: Main Folder subfolder 1 <-- notify when modified...
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    permissions weirdness-- files start to copy -- until 4k

    Hi there, I tried to have my company's Mac admin replicate a folder which has read/write privileges WITHIN the folder.. but not of the folder name, and with no ability to delete the entire folder. A user should be able to copy stuff into the folder, modify and delete anything within the...
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    Active Sync -- will this be usable for Macs ?

    Anyone know whether Apple's licensing of Active Sync will allow Macs to utilize the relationship to talk to Exchange?
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    Tiger / 10.4.11 / Adobe Reader 8.1.1 crashes every time it starts

    I upgraded to Adobe Reader 8.1.1 on my MacBook Pro running Tiger 10.4.11 and the upgrade didn't finish, it ended with Adobe Reader crashing. I repaired permissions and tried re-installing but something is still causing it to crash. Can anyone tell me how to completely uninstall Adobe...
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    Network Drive shortcuts in right side of Dock in 10.4 turn to ? marks

    Hi, In 10.3, and now in 10.4, I've tried to keep network shared drives that I connect to often in the right side of my dock (near the trash can). Without fail, inevitably, the drives turn to icons with question marks-- usually as a result of my trying to connect by clicking on the icon...
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    Vine Server vs. Screen Recycler

    Hi everyone, I've used the VNC Server built into Tiger and found Vine Server to be much, much more reliable. I've used Jollys Fast VNC client and found it to be cool, but not faster than Chicken of the VNC-- though I used it more because it seemed more stable and has a cool full screen...
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    Automator actions drag 'n drop / droplet ??

    hi there, I've written an automator action that I'd like to turn into a droplet (so that I can just drag a file onto it for the action to be kicked off). Can someone tell me how to do this?
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    Mac Network Directory Management Solutions? (a la AppleTalk?)

    Hi there, I work at a company that used to have AppleTalk Zones to distinguish between computers that lived in different departments. Now, we have all of the Macs lumped into one huge directory, and it's impossible to browse to find computers, printers, etc. Are there any 3rd party...
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    "username is not in the list of sudoers" -- for my Admin login ???

    Hi there, I am unable to sudo with my admin login and password. I get the error "username is not in the list of sudoers.. this incidient will be reported" BUT it is the admin account...and I've used sudo plenty of times in the past without problem. I reset my password--and then I am...
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    Suggestions for mirroring a MacBook Pro and a G5 to a firewire drive??

    Hi there, My MacBook Pro is my primary machine and I'd like to back it up automatically so that if the hardware fails, I can reboot another mac from a clone of the system. I bought a 500Gb Firewire drive, and am wondering if anyone can give me suggestions for how to proceed. I was...
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    Permissions not translating to Windows Sharing?? -- should be read-only but isn't. :(

    Hi everyone, I'd really appreciate help with this because as is, Windows users that connect to my Mac OS X Server (10.4) can delete entire directories in a folder that should be read-only. Basically, the folder structure is this: username is "rtdb" when the user logs in and mounts...
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    Best way to copy MANY files ?? Mac to Mac

    Hi there, I need to copy about 30,000 important files over a network. I tried using the Finder and it says there were some that could not be copied. I tried using cp recursive and I got a lot of "resource is busy", yet, I was able to open the file in question and there seemed to be no...
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    Has anyone upgraded 10.4 to 10.4 Server Unlimited ??

    Hi there, I have a machine I am considering upgrading to 10.4 Server unlimited. Because of custom web, PHP 5, Zend Optimizer, MySQL applications, and currently working PHP/MySQL installations, I'd rather not do a fresh install of 10.4 Server and then be forced to re-configure everything...
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    Help! -- how does Mac OS 10.4 determine the number of users connected?

    Hi, I have an important machine at my job that several Mac and PC users have to connect to. In fact they are connecting already. In total, there are about 12 Mac Users and 12 PC users, but that number will grow. The nature of the connection is a permanent one... PCs map to the drive on...
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    MacBook Pro does not wake from sleep with lid closed reliably

    Hi there, I have a new MacBook Pro that I want to use connected to a large monitor at work. While sleeping with the lid closed, I plug in a Mac USB keyboard and mouse, DVI cable, ethernet cable and power cord, then press the keyboard... sometimes it wakes up and sometimes it doesn't...
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    Waking an unresponsive Vine Server remotely?

    Hi there, I have Vine server running this weekend, and it became unresponsive. Is there any way I can reboot such a machine remotely when the Vine Server is not responding? The machine wasn't crashed. I was able to access it via other methods-- http:, afp:, etc. i.e. are there any...