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    I’m confused so can someone From Europe help me?

    If it might be of interest, I had a look and found some follow up articles, regarding the original letter and a new one: Military court: New letter...
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    Herve's Bar & Grill

    That sounds quite nice, Satcomer. :) Going from snow, cold, rain, and the dark, I know people who have lived in very different parts of the world and told me of temperatures ~60 C (~140 F). I'm definitely not made for those sorts of temperatures! :D
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    I’m confused so can someone From Europe help me?

    Oh, also... I've not heard of that "UK News" YouTube channel before and was a little suspicious. Keep in mind that it is possible it is not actually UK-based and that there may be an agenda. Keeping it short, the channel's posting history seems quite right wing and anti-EU, plus there are...
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    Herve's Bar & Grill

    I remember one trip to Canada and it was still dark outside at breakfast time. We'd arrived late the night before and had been jet lagged, so we were very sleepy and had not seen much of the landscape when a friend drove us from the airport to the hotel. Whilst having breakfast, we asked each...
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    I’m confused so can someone From Europe help me?

    I remember hearing about that letter. It's certainly not good, but at the same time the context needs to be considered. I am not an expert on French politics, but there is a lot to be considered about the situation in France and around the world. The Guardian article on the subject, provided...
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    Herve's Bar & Grill

    Ahhh, we've moved on to lots of rain now. But they're also predicting a decent summer. Seems a bit far in advance to try to make that prediction!
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    (had to look that one up!) courage
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    Herve's Bar & Grill

    Speaking of which... we’re getting sun, rain, hail, snow, and sun again all in one day recently! o_O
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