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    Web Clip for Tiger?

    Hi! Does anyone know of anything that can provide web clip-like functionality for Tiger? (10.4.11) I'm hoping to grab sections of various web sites and display them in one place - it doesn't necessarily have to be the dashboard... Ged
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    user picture file lost after system update

    Hi! Ive recently updated my computer from OS 10.3.9 to Tiger, and completely wiped my hard disk to do so. I made a complete backup of all my files, onto a bunch of DVDs. However, when I came to set up my new (and swish, and fast) system, I found that Ive gone and lost my user picture, and...
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    Apps hard to find

    It might just be me, but I just spent 10 minutes trying to find out where to download the support application - its really cryptically hidden! Could you add a new link somewhere prominant, like all the links at the top of the page (Main | Blog...) maybe? Ged
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    mod_mono and apache

    Hi! I just tried to install mod_mono onto my Mac, so that I can develop ASP.NET web pages on it, without having to test the files on my server. However, when I try to open the test pages that came with the installer, I get a 503 error from apache (Error 503 - Service Temporarily Unavailable)...
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    (small) bug in OS X.3.8 Finder

    Ive just been prepairing to burn a dvd with a very long name. When I pressed 'Burn', I noticed that in the alert box that came up, the line "This disc will be usable on any Mac or PC" was chopped off... I know its not major, but has this been fixed in later OS's? Ged3000
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    New powerbook trackpad

    Hi! Just looked at the new powerbook for the first time... Is there any way that I can install the new trackpad driver on my powerbook? (Ive got the 1.5GHz 15" one from the last powerbook lineup) Im currently using sidetrack to add scrolling to my trackpad, but Apples idea looks far...
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    Linux on an iPod

    Hi! I know this isnt quite X11 or UNIX related, but Im interested in installing a copy of linux onto my iPod. I was thinking of doing this either by installing linux (YellowDog, probably) onto the iPod hard disk as it is at the moment (ie how it was when set up by Apple) or by formatting the...
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    wireless itunes sharing with a windoze pc

    Im trying to share my iTunes library via both a wireless and wired network at the same time. Im at university, and each different block of my shared accomodation seems to be set up as a seperate subnet - I cant ping or communicate in any other way with any computer in a different block. I...
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    iPod problems

    Hi! I recently bought an iPod, one of the ones with the touch-scrolling wheel (the latest one). Its really great, but for one thing. A couple of times, when Ive been using it, it seems to freeze. Both times, its been on hold and having been playing continuousley for up to an hour. The music...
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    Apple Store Down...

    I dunno what relavance this'll be to anything, but the Apple Store's being updated at the mo (12.48am, British Summer Time). I thought they'd already set it up for the new iMac?
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    .htaccess files arent processed by default Apache server

    Im trying to use .htaccess files to rewrite URLs on my iMac's webserver. However, the server does not seem to see these files, and completely ignores anything I write in them. Following advice in two other (old) threads here, ( &...
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    Playing Realplayer streams in iTunes

    Does anyone know of a way to play Realplayer internet radio streams in iTunes? I know iTunes will play streamed MP3s, but it refuses to open .rm files. Am i stuck to using Realplayer to listen to some online radio stations?
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    Is realplayer using the iTunes logo?

    I was just using realplayer 10 on my pc, when i noticed that the realplayer store button had a logo that looks a wee bit familiar. Ive attatched a screen shot of this button, and iTunes' icon - is it me, or are they suprisingly similar? Have i missed something, or is Real (or Apple) treading...