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    UnZip 5.41 on OSX

    I've been trying to get UnZip 5.41 ( ) compiled and running on OSXPB. Has anyone else had success or know of another command line utility that will work with windows zip files? gzip does not. any help would be appreciated. --glen
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    gmp on OSXPB

    So, who's having luck installing GNU's Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library? I've attempted an install, but I get errors. ./configure seems to go fine, but make hoarfs with these errors: <tt> Making install in mpn Making install in tests make[3]: Nothing to be done for `install-exec-am'...
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    Auto Screen Lock Button

    Here's a way to make a screen locking button in OSX. First of all use Mike Elston's Screen Locker app to enable the built in screen saver password option: Set the auto screen saver timeout activation to something normal like 30 minutes, or...
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    I want Pine.

    ok, I've been trying to compile and install pine all day. I downloaded and as root ungzipped/untarred it. Then it says to use the build command and specify which port to compile for. I have tried (as root) to ./build bsd, and ./build nxt, which will...