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    Web Clip for Tiger?

    Hi! Does anyone know of anything that can provide web clip-like functionality for Tiger? (10.4.11) I'm hoping to grab sections of various web sites and display them in one place - it doesn't necessarily have to be the dashboard... Ged
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    iphone gen 2.. what have the fixed?

    I'd agree with Natobasso - the lack of MMS support is a big turn-off for me... Has anyone managed to get the iPhone to send and receive MMS messages successfully? I saw the link, which suggested that there might be difficulties with the...
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    For 2008, I wish that Apple...

    Just like that... But maybe not so expensive? And without the hefty shipping all the way to England. Good find!
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    For 2008, I wish that Apple...

    Ok, so it's a bit late, but for 2008, I wish that Apple makes a pink version of the iBook/iMac. Now, I should point out, I wouldn't buy a pink computer, but I can think of quite a few girls I know who would be swayed by the colour of their computers. For example - my girlfriend, who recently...
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    Why does Finder SUCK???

    As far as this point goes, sometimes its really useful to have different windows open with different views. Perhaps a better solution would be to change all finder windows by [option]-clicking to change the view?
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    user picture file lost after system update

    Hi! Ive recently updated my computer from OS 10.3.9 to Tiger, and completely wiped my hard disk to do so. I made a complete backup of all my files, onto a bunch of DVDs. However, when I came to set up my new (and swish, and fast) system, I found that Ive gone and lost my user picture, and...
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    1.0 Release Candidate 1: Bug Reporting

    Its pretty minor, but in the application menu, the application is reffered to as '' - should that just read Help? (OS X 10.3.9)
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    Apps hard to find

    It might just be me, but I just spent 10 minutes trying to find out where to download the support application - its really cryptically hidden! Could you add a new link somewhere prominant, like all the links at the top of the page (Main | Blog...) maybe? Ged
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    mod_mono and apache

    Hi! I just tried to install mod_mono onto my Mac, so that I can develop ASP.NET web pages on it, without having to test the files on my server. However, when I try to open the test pages that came with the installer, I get a 503 error from apache (Error 503 - Service Temporarily Unavailable)...
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    Longhorn Vista Pics & Movie

    As was said - there didnt seem to be anything all that different from XP sp2 in those screenshots. I guess there must be something other than just visual/eye chandy changes behind the whole thing? TBH I dunno what Id want it to do extra... Exposé features would be a godsend for windows users...
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    Can Apple Give a Straight Answer?

    I hate to advocate turning off your mac, rather than sleeping it, but it does use less power when asleep. Yes, I know its only a couple of watts (I think i read somewhere that a FlatScreen iMac uses ~5W when asleep, ~3 when 'off'), but over the course of the year, it all adds up. Why should this...
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    (small) bug in OS X.3.8 Finder

    Ive just been prepairing to burn a dvd with a very long name. When I pressed 'Burn', I noticed that in the alert box that came up, the line "This disc will be usable on any Mac or PC" was chopped off... I know its not major, but has this been fixed in later OS's? Ged3000
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    MSN Messenger 5

    Id love adium and fire if they worked through http proxies. Im at uni, staying in halls, so Ive gotta go through a http proxy to connect to the internet. As far as I know, my only choice is MSN 4... Id love some of the newer features of MSN 7 PC though... Its annoying that M$oft dont code...
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    Bullring Apple Store (Birmingham, UK) - Opens 29/4/05

    Coming from Newcastle, UK, Id say that Birmingham is pretty far south! But then, to me, everywhere south of the Tyne is south (ie most of England :)). Itd be nice to have more Apple stores UK (and Europe, and world) wide....
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    Bluetooth keyboard and mouse

    I have a friend who uses Microsofts wireless keyboard and mouse on a wintel pc He finds that if you put them too close together, or put the keyboard between the reciever and the mouse, then the mouse stops working correctly...
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    New powerbook trackpad

    Hi! Just looked at the new powerbook for the first time... Is there any way that I can install the new trackpad driver on my powerbook? (Ive got the 1.5GHz 15" one from the last powerbook lineup) Im currently using sidetrack to add scrolling to my trackpad, but Apples idea looks far...
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    Linux on an iPod

    Just found another interesting point - someone asked in MacFormat 151 (Jan 2005) if you could use an iPod as a startup disk, and they gave this answer: Maybe I'll just partition my powerbooks HD instead.... Thanks for the links though!
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    Linux on an iPod

    Hi! I know this isnt quite X11 or UNIX related, but Im interested in installing a copy of linux onto my iPod. I was thinking of doing this either by installing linux (YellowDog, probably) onto the iPod hard disk as it is at the moment (ie how it was when set up by Apple) or by formatting the...
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    Mac mini

    "Keyboard, iPod mini, dock, hands, AirPort, Bluetooth and PC sold separately." It doesnt come with hands :( ( Wow.....
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    Chat Online -- About MacWorld & More!

    It crashed my safari when i closed the window without logging out. Worked fine if i logged out properly, but the window changed so fast I didnt see the 'goodbye' message! :(