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    No JPEGs for background?

    Oh yeah, and I cannot specify JPEG files as a background picture in the Finder... (but, the default jpeg is displayed fine).
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    No colorpicker in 4F8?

    Heya guys, thanks for help on the Superuser thing :)... I have 2 new ones now. After a completely clean install of 4F8, I have no access to the color picker. Whenever I try to bring it up (through Ircle, Finder view options, etc), I get an error message stating that it could not be found...
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    Superuser disabled after Update to 4F8

    Ack! Ok, I need some help here... After updating from 2H19 to 4F8, I've lost functionality in the Terminal when using my account (not root - I avoid root!). Ever since the upgrade, I can no longer superuser... when I type SU at the prompt, I get: su: setgroups: Operation not permitted...