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    iMac Flat Panel 700 MHz to 1.35 MHz, what do you think?

    Someone talked about Daystar offering a CPU upgrade (and cache) for iMacs G4, but didn't give more infos. I've been to their website, and they say they will upgrade a 700-800 MHz G4 to a 1.35 GHz and double the cache, and that 1.0-1.25 GHz G4 can be upgraded to 1.92GHz with 512 L2 cache. The...
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    F: iPod 2G stuff

    Hello everyone, my second generation iPod died and I decided to keep it as a firewire hard drive. These are to give away, if you are interested you just pay exact shipping through PayPal: - Battery 2200mAh (the one that lasts longer) it has been used for only a few hours...
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    Looking for iPod tools

    Hello, -- edit: I found tools on eBay -- I have a 2nd generation iPod with a defective headphone jack, and I have the new headphone jack. I'm looking for someone who knows electronics well enough to replace it for me at a low cost in my area (Montreal, QC, north of New York State or...
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    Wireless TV

    Hi everyone, I don't have cable TV in my house, and I'd like to get it. However, no wires were installed when the house was built and I'd like to avoid the troubles of installing them. I know there are new LCD TVs that have use the 802.11(b or g???) technology but is there anything equivalent...
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    Airport Express question

    With Airport Express, do I understand I don't need an airport card to connect any computer, just an ethernet port? So if I understand well, my father could use my wireless network with his old PowerBook G3 Series or Performa 5215CD just by plugging the Airport Express base station wherever he...
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    HDI-30 question

    Hi everyone! I need to connect an old Apple CD-ROM 300e Plus to my (also old) PowerBook 5300cs and the only HDI-30 cable I have is made to connect the PowerBook to the Desktop mac so that it can be used as an external hard drive. The difference between the two cables is: the Disk...
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    Apple Pro Speaker problem

    Hi everyone! I wanted to post this on Apple's discussions but it's not working very well these days... So maybe someone can help! This morning as I was watching a QuickTime video of Marylin Manson my Apple Pro Speakers started to make a static-like noise. (You know just like when you...
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    What is this cable doing in the box?

    Hi! My Apple Pro Keyboard just died, and I bought an Apple Keyboard. In the box, there was a USB cable, one side is female and the other side is male. I thought it was an extension for the USB jack. However, I noticed the female side has a small part that will prevent any standard USB cable...
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    The new Athen: Wow!

    Take a look at this picture: This is the new HP Athen, in collaboration with Microsoft. I kinda like the idea of a white LCD screen with a blue background with a cool design. Also, I like the fact that they could fit a...
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    America's Army Operation

    The US Army released a Mac version of their freeware game. This link is for fast downloading, but you have to pay $6. This link (from Apple's web site) is slower (I'm downloading it at 25.5 K/sec right now) but is free...
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    Java in 10.3

    Hi! I noticed a HUGE speed improvement with Java from 10.1 to 10.2. Those of you running the beta 10.3, is there a speed improvement with Java or it is quite the same as jaguar? thanks