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    I got nothing

    There was something after all.
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    Take the Leap

    Is it too late to upgrade?
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    OS 9.1 application will run in X, but keeps quitting.

    I'm pretty sure there is nothing Apple can do for you as Quicken is third-party software. Maybe Quicken 2001 (which probably came out in 2000) is not compatible with Mac OS X 10.2 (which came out in 2002). Does it work well under MacOS 9?
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    Selling iMac, what to delete before I sell?

    If you have anything too personal (like file with credit card numbers for example, or tax reports, etc.) you should know that anyone with some skills and a basic recovery software can recover those files even if you delete them, so don't forget to use the option "Secure empty trash" when you...
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    iMac blue screen @ start-up

    I've had this problem with my old iMac G4 from OS X 10.1 until OS X 10.4, sometimes I reinstalled OS X, the problem went away only to come back, sometimes the problem stopped without me doing anything. It went from 4-5 minutes to 30-40 seconds. Strange, back then (like in 2002 or 2003) I called...
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    Bill Gates is an ugly person...

    You know what? If you're rich, you don't have to look good.
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    The Zune

    About that video with both birds burning: does it mean the Zune will burn, like Dell laptops?
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    eMac won't read CD/RW

    I've got the same problem with an iBook SE (clamshell, 5 years old), some day it stopped reading CD-R/RW. I never got an answer so I hope someone knows what might be the problem. I've once had a problem reading CDs with my iMac G4 and I bought a can of compressed air, shot the air in the CD...
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    College students with Jobs HELP!

    A lot of ebayers buy DVDs for $15 (that's an example), sell them $10 on eBay and charge $20 for shipping and handling, while it costs them $2 to ship. 15+2 = $17, customer pays $30 and it's $13 in your pockets. However, it works only with eBay newbies who forgot to look at shipping costs...
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    College students with Jobs HELP!

    When I was in college, I was also serving in the army's reserves. Money wasn't that bad, and I got to do things you'd never experience anywhere else. You should take a look at it!
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    Wayne's World v Dumb & Dumber

    Well in grade 5 you know a few words, and you can make a few sentences, but now listen to a movie in English. Most people (adults) in Montreal and near the US/Ontario borders speak English pretty well but they're not fully bilingual.
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    Post your desktop!

    That will be my pleasure, as long as we don't race on Quebec's roads, they are actually a bunch of holes with asphalt surrounding them. Well I'm not rich yet unfortunately. I'm really looking for that new chevy Malibu, I need a new car by 2007. It's a very good deal, is there a catch???
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    Microsoft's portable device

    I don't know what it is, but I know I won't buy it. By the way, on one of the links above there is another link to Microsoft that gives you a small USB drive, here's the link (you need a passport account): The link doesn't...
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    Wayne's World v Dumb & Dumber

    When I first saw Wayne's World I was in grade 5 in Québec and I didn't know a word of English. So I was pretty excited when I discovered Saturday Night Live in the late 90s, and the reruns with Mike Myers, Dana Carvey, Tim Meadows (who was still there!), Chris Farley, Adam Sandlers, etc. etc...
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    What do you think of MacMinis?

    Which one is the best? These prices are in canadian currency and I have the student rebates. With no options: iMac (intel) $1399 Mac Mini (intel) $680 Sounds much cheaper, but the iMac is faster (1.5 GHz Mac Mini and 1.83 GHz iMac), already has an LCD 17" monitor, 160 GB...
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    Windows on an intel mac?

    I did, but it burned.
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    Post your desktop!

    My desktop is very simple, but yet means something. If I get rich and I buy a 2006 Impala SS, it will become my new desktop.
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    XPlane Crash

    All I know is that when I tried using XPlane my plane kept on crashing. How does it work??? That is the question. Sorry about your question I have no idea what causes it to crash.
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    I got nothing

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    LCII to iMac G5 -possible?

    If you know someone who has an old SCSI zip drive, and you can get a USB zip drive for your G5, it might be faster for transfering large amounts of data (100 MB instead of 1.4 MB). The investment might not be worth it if you only have a few files you need to tranfer though.